40 years leading the workwear industry - and through close consultation with users and employers in the railway and energy sectors around Europe. The market-leading risk-protection properties of the clothing are

ESAB helps in jet

hydroplane construction W

orld leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables, ESAB, is helping a British

team with a serving military pilot at the helm to build a jet hydroplane with the aim of smashing the long-standing world water speed record. Project Lead David Aldred, is along with his team

constructing ‘Longbow’ – a powerful jet hydroplane – at its workshop in on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. With the ultimate intention of bettering the Outright

World Water Speed Record (WWSR), set in 1978 at 317mph by Ausralian Ken Warby MBE, the Longbow jet hydroplane once the build is finished will be driven by serving Royal Navy pilot Lt David-John Gibbs. Mr Aldred explained: “We wanted a welding system that

was single phase, AC/DC and would weld aluminium as well as steel. As well as metalwork on the boat, we needed it for other applications such as engine mounting fabrication, pick-up points for lifting the hull and some of the engine cowling work.”

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd  01992 702442 

The NEW ProtecWork Protective Clothing from Snickers Workwear P

rotecWork is a new collection of protective working clothes and accessories from Snickers Workwear, which has developed out of over

integral components of the extensive range of Base-, Mid- and Top-Layer garments for men and women that combine well with the Snickers Workwear hallmarks of best-in-class durability, comfort, ergonomics and fit. Fully accredited as appropriate to a variety of risk and weather

conditions such as heat and flame, electrostatic, chemical and bad weather working environments, all the garments are manufactured from tailor-made fabrics designed to respond to the demands and risk factors of the conditions in which they’re worn.

Hultafors Group UK Ltd  01484 854788 

Hellberg Safety PPE and Snickers Workwear – Comfort and Safety Combined. W

ith over 50 years experience in the PPE industry, the Hellberg Safety specialist equipment includes highly advanced hearing protection

products, face protection and communication solutions for personal protection on site. From face guards, helmets and passive hearing protection with up to 3

levels of protection from low to extreme noise, Hellberg also supply secure electronic hearing protectors to suit different work environments. Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK says,

“Hellberg PPE products complement the Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear Safety Footwear product portfolios so well - in particular the newly launched Snickers Workwear ProtecWork Heat and Flame Protective Wear".

Hultafors Group UK Ltd  01484 854788 

Proximity switch for

ABB’s new Dodge® Safety Mount spherical roller bearings cut installation time by up to 75 percent

mechanism that reduces installation time by up to 75 percent compared to traditional products. Best suited for bulk material and air handling applications, the new bearing mounts by tightening fasteners instead of using a hammer and other tools. The new system also allows for simple installation and removal from the same side of the bearing, which means only one person is needed for the task. “The new mounting system replaces the blows of a


hammer with the tightening of fasteners,” says Jim Madsen, Dodge Mounted Roller Bearing Product Manager, ABB. “It also makes it faster to install large bearings, but more importantly, it makes it safer for the installer.” Safety Mount bearings feature a triple-lip contact

seal and corrosion-resistant flinger sealing system which prevents contamination from entering the


BB has launched Dodge® Safety Mount spherical roller bearings with a built-in patented locking

product during installation and operation. A labyrinth seal option is available for high-speed and high-temperature applications. Dodge Safety Mount spherical roller bearings are

suitable for use with the ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor for mounted bearings, an easy-to-use, wireless sensor that monitors the health of bearings. Dodge Safety Mount bearings combine the

advantages of the Dodge Imperial family of bearings: factory sealed and greased, shaft ready out of the box, with no feeler gauges required. They are offered in split cap and single piece housing options in standard SAF, metric SN, Type E, and Imperial housing dimensions in sizes 4-15/16” to 7” (115 mm to 170 mm).

ABB Ltd  01925 741517 

Ex zones 0/20 with direct 24V connection

Ex m (encapsulation). Observing the relevant installation standards and conditions, it can be used directly in zones 0/20 without any further switching amplifier. IGEX20a is certified according to ATEX and IECEx. Launching the IGEX20a inductive proximity switch, EGE


presents a compact sensor with ignition protection type Ex m (encapsulation). Observing the relevant installation standards and conditions, it can be used directly in zones 0/20 without any further switching amplifier. IGEX20a is certified according to ATEX and IECEx. IECEx certification simplifies worldwide use of the sensors in member countries of the IECEx regime. Certified for use in Ex zones 0 and 20, the proximity switches can be used in hazardous areas with gas or dust atmospheres, for example in gas stations and in facilities with gas pipelines etc.

EGE-Elektronik Spezial Sensoren GmbH  


aunching the IGEX20a inductive proximity switch, EGE presents a compact sensor with ignition protection type

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