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Belden joins ITxPT association

applications, has become a member of the Information Technology for Public Transport Association (ITxPT). ITxPT is a non-profit association that sets out


to enable an open architecture, data accessibility and interoperability between IT systems. The members of ITxPT develop the IT architecture for public transport and other mobility services together, based on standards and best practices. With a proven portfolio of innovative solutions

and services, new ITxPT member Belden is an experienced partner with in-depth expertise in designing and implementing transportation network infrastructures. As a key supplier to the mass/public transportation industry, Belden delivers a wide range of solutions that help to increase reliability, cost effectiveness and operational efficiency.

elden Inc, a global provider of signal transmission solutions for mission-critical

Harwin opens £3.8m smart facility

England. Providing an additional 1,200m² of factory floor, the new facility is enabling the company to quickly and significantly scale up production of its award-winning high reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors to meet market requirements. The total investment into the new facility is £3.8m; £1m of this


brings in state-of-the-art equipment, with the last few machines arriving within the next 12 months. The new equipment uses advanced Industry 4.0 technology to maximise efficiency. “Harwin leads technological progression in Hi-Rel

interconnect components and the growth in customer demand means we have yet again exceeded our existing production capacity” said Paul McGuinness, Director of Operations at Harwin. “This investment has come at a crucial time, as the additional factory space and equipment enables us to ramp up production to meet high volume demands very quickly. The extra space also gives us over six month’s supply of raw materials held onsite, preparing us for unforeseen supply chain challenges relating to Brexit and avoiding any order delays to our customers.”



ES, the specialist in design and construction of advanced environments for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, has

been appointed to fit out the new Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (VMIC), which is being fast-tracked for early completion in 2021 due to COVID-19. A not for profit organisation established to provide the UK’s first

strategic vaccine development and advanced manufacturing capability, VMIC has taken a leading role in advising Government teams on vaccines manufacturing in response to COVID-19. Based at Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, the organisation’s new 7,400m2 specialist manufacturing centre will enable vaccine developers to refine their processes, prepare vaccines for clinical trials, and scale-up

for mass production in the event of any future public health emergencies. This Government-funded project was already planned prior to the pandemic, with completion originally scheduled

for 2022. The urgent need to produce vaccines at scale to fight future pandemics has prompted the project handover to be moved forward by 12 months. A Government grant of £93million was awarded to VMIC in May 2020 to fast track the build and expand its

manufacturing capacity. The highly specialist facility will form a key element of the Government’s future pandemic response and, when completed, will be capable of producing 70 million pandemic vaccine doses in just 4-6 months. With more than 18 years’ experience of delivering complex pharmaceutical environments, BES will leverage the expertise of its multidisciplinary team to provide design coordination and internal fit-out of pre-clinical development laboratories, vaccine manufacturing suites, cold storage and filling areas.

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arwin has started production in its new manufacturing facilities at the Portsmouth headquarters in the South of

ZF increase E-bike speed sensor portfolio

bicycle system suppliers have set goals to optimize power and performance of their drive systems. In order to support the driver in the best possible way, sensors are needed to deliver the required data and therefore adapt the engine's power support. An essential component is the ZF e-bike sensor for measuring the current speed. The ZF e-bike sensor is based on Hall technology with significant advantages over conventional reed switches. Especially for high-quality e-bikes,


all components need to be functional, from the drive to the battery and cabling. This is also the case with the ZF e-bike sensor. Speed sensors of the GS series have been specially developed for use in Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs. The extremely compact design meets the necessary requirements for the use in e-bikes. The sensors are based on the principle of Hall- effect and therefore they are non-contact and durable. In combination with ferromagnetic target wheels, a high-resolution speed measurement with over 50 pulses per revolution can be implemented without any problems.

ith the increasing popularity and growing trend of e-bikes,

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