National Trust property located in the heart of the city, Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG) is a leading visitor attraction that

brings in up to 250,000 visitors per year. With Grade II listed buildings and 15 acres of

grounds, the large site turned to lighting experts EcolightingUK last autumn to upgrade its current lighting system to LEDs. With hundreds of fittings around the property, BBG make the decision to switch their halogen and fluorescent tubes to LED luminaires in order to lower its electricity and maintenance costs. Areas including the gift shop, subtropical house

and rear kitchen were among the indoor spaces receiving upgrades and outdoor spots include the terrace, bandstand, pavilion and car park. Each area required different types of luminaire, from floodlights to ceiling panels, and PIR sensors and DALI dimming options were also installed. Due to the nature of the attraction, colour

changing lights were also specified for the job as they were necessary for both aesthetic and practical purposes to create visual effects and ambiance at the many events hosted on site. James Wheeler, chief executive at Birmingham

Botanical Gardens, comments, “We are working with Aston University on an EU funded project to reduce the Gardens’ carbon footprint and Ecolighting was recommended as a firm to approach for a tender for the work held by the Gardens. He continues, “Our new lighting is a big

improvement on previous installations, making us better lit, safer for visitors, more secure and more energy efficient. This saving in electricity consumption is enabling us to put in improved lighting of our buildings and gardens which is more flexible, creative, colour changing and more easily tailored to the mood and theme of our events. We will receive a benefit of up to 90 per cent savings on our expenditure on electricity for lighting which leaves us with more resource to spend on our core charitable work and makes us a greener organisation in accordance with our charitable aims.” “We are not quite finished but the new lighting is

a big improvement on the previous lighting, it’s reliable and we look forward to reaping the benefits in due course. Best of all, we didn’t have to pay for all of the cost because we received a grant.” As a project that strays outside the norm for

Ecolighting, the lighting required for the site’s beech trees and aviary lawns were a stark contrast to its usual applications. To meet the outdoor requirements, RGBWW floodlights are being installed at the front of each rose garden in front of each of the two aviaries and new underground channels for cable with concrete plinths were required to provide power. Protective cages were also constructed for each floodlight and to add further control each floodlight was fitted with a time clock to maximise savings as well as provide

extra control should it be required in the future. RGBWW floodlights were also specified in the

terrace, bandstand and pavilion. The gift shop has received LED ceiling panels and spotlights and emergency lighting has been upgraded in the subtropical house. Following the successful initial installation, BBG

asked Ecolighting for extra works to be carried out. These include an external sign, upgrades in its Mediterranean and Arid houses, the Japanese garden as well as new lighting for its toilet blocks. Unlike many other lighting companies, Ecolighting

has its own team of lighting and electrical installation engineers as well as carrying out the lighting scheme design with Relux software in the early stages of client lighting projects. The company also manufactures its luminaires in the UK and uses UK-sourced Osram control gear and LED chips. All of this means that the company has much better control than many and can present better value for money to clients. The company is also a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier and is assessed to BSEN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. As one of the UK leaders in LED lighting solutions

to commerce and industry, Ecolighting has worked with many big name companies such as Amazon, Bibby Distribution, Kuehne Nagel, Debenhams, Carlsberg, Culina, Cadbury and Great Bear.

ECO LIGHTING 01455 552 511


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