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Check approval for Category 3 Control fire performance cables, warns AEI Cables

Synaptec enters MV market following new partnership with ITL


pecialist AEI Cables is highlighting the need to use

only approved cabling in critical signal and control equipment in the event of a real fire with the announcement of a revised version of the Code of Practice covering these areas of performance. The equipment served by these

cables - including smoke and heat extraction systems - assists fire services in the case of firefighting and a safe evacuation in the case of life safety. As the only supplier in the UK with independent approval from LPCB for BS8519 Category 3 Control fire performance cables with a fire survival time of up to 120 minutes, AEI Cables is highlighting the reference in the new revised version of the standard. Graham Turner of AEI Cables,

said: “The standard clearly references and clarifies the products and levels of performance that should be used for all parts of the supply chain from specifiers to contractors and installers. “We should point out that

anything inferior installed is dangerous and could lead to some of these systems simply not surviving in a fire with the dangers that brings. These cables reduce the risk to life through the reduction of harmful smoke, toxic gases, and reduced flame spread. We should all strive to achieve the highest performance possible. “Fire and rescue services depend

on these systems to help fighting a fire and the safe evacuation of those who may be in the building – installing the wrong products can be catastrophic.” The applications of Category 3

Control fire performance cables also applies to evacuation alarms for the disabled in care homes, emergency voice communications systems and voice alarm systems in relevant buildings including tall buildings, office spaces, hospitals, care homes, shopping malls and stadia. AEI Cables’ Firetec Enhanced

cabling has been approved and certified by LPCB to BS8519 (Annex B), Category 3 Control in addition to Category 2 Control. The BS Code of Practice under BS8519 contains six categories of cables, three for power cables and three for control cables each covering survival times of 30, 60 or 120 minutes. Using the very latest in technology

and science, the Firetec Total Fire Solutions range offers Mineral Insulated Cabling (MIC), Firetec Enhanced fire performance cabling, accessories and technical support from the AEI Cables distribution facility at Washington, Tyne and Wear. All AEI Cables’ products are

supplied with approvals from independent bodies including BASEC and LPCB. It also holds approvals from organisations including Lloyds, the MoD, Network Rail and LUL and works to international standards around the world.


ower technology company Synaptec has announced a new partnership with Instrument Transformers Limited (ITL) which will open up new

market opportunities for both companies. The partnership has been formed in response to changing customer

demand as the power industry adapts to the challenges presented by decarbonization and decentralization. By marketing Synaptec’s unique photonic sensing technology alongside ITL’s transformer & transducer products, ITL’s customers will now be able to access complete software and hardware solutions to meet these challenges. Founded in 1973, ITL manufactures bespoke current and voltage

transformer solutions for electrical switchgear manufacturers and electricity utilities worldwide. The inclusion of Synaptec’s sensor technology within ITL’s current transducers brings new market opportunities for both companies; for Synaptec the medium voltage market and for ITL the high voltage market. Saul Matthews, commercial director at Synaptec, said: “This development

of our existing relationship with ITL marks an important milestone for both businesses at a time when the power sector is undergoing the biggest transformation we’ll see in our lifetimes. ITL’s long standing and trusted supplier status makes them the ideal partner to help their customers embrace new instrumentation technologies with confidence. Together we will help with automation of condition monitoring, improved wide area protection schemes and optimised asset management costs, ITL's managing director, Ray Porrelli, said: “This is a unique opportunity to

expand our scope of service to the MV and HV power sector in partnership with Synaptec who have developed highly sophisticated technology for use in the measurement, protection and control of plant and equipment. Using completely passive sensor technology married with traditional current and voltage transformers in a novel way allows informed visibility for effective and efficient control of a power network with time-critical protection and control, real-time monitoring and trend analysis for asset management. All of which helps minimise service interruptions extends the life of an asset and provides a higher return on investment.”


down from £3.9bn in Q2 2019, latest ONS figures released yesterday show. This significantly exceeds the dramatic slowdown seen in the wider economy. Overall business investment across UK industry fell 26.1% in Q2 compared with the second quarter of 2019. UK GDP shrank 20.4% in Q2, with widespread declines across all main sectors of the economy. The picture has, however, improved more recently with the ONS reporting that GDP grew 8% in the three months to the end of August4 as lockdown measures eased, raising hopes of a steep recovery in investment. Mark Tighe, CEO of tax relief consultancy Catax, comments: “This year has caught everyone off guard. The second quarter was when the pandemic really saw economies slamming on the brakes, with the national lockdown in the UK being announced on March 23, just before it began. The utilities sector has seen a much steeper decline in business investment than the economy overall, which is likely a result of the way these companies are more reliant on a complex network of physical assets. This would have left them more vulnerable to lockdown disruption than some other sectors.”


usiness investment in the utilities sector collapsed by 56.8% annually as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the economy, analysis of latest official data by specialist tax relief consultancy Catax shows. Total business investment in the electricity, gas and water sector fell to £1.7bn in the second quarter of 2020,

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