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access viewports and sparks from switching processes make direct visual observation difficult and dangerous in power plants today. Live monitoring of switches using specialised cameras minimises risks to human operators by monitoring switches from a safe distance, either locally using a portable video unit or remotely centralised from the control room. Kappa provides a unique, comprehensive range of extremely robust switchgear cameras designed for safe, live monitoring of GIS, Hybrid Switchgear, GCB, and air-insulated applications in the typically harsh environments of medium- and high-voltage networks. All switchgear cameras can be adapted to any type of viewport/ equipment and specific customer requirements. Scalable stationary or mobile solutions with a portable video unit are available for new


eliable switch device status is a safety requirement in power grids. However, hard-to-

monitoring. Quick, comfortable mobile viewport monitoring without “big” network- dependent solutions? That’s where their new battery- powered PVU comes into play: a smart mobile solution for viewport monitoring. 3 cameras can be connected for 3 phases. The image is directly displayed on the integrated monitor. This solution is also ideal for service technicians. Kappa optronics is an experienced partner for IEEE C.37.20.9-compliant switchgear camera systems (SGC) and the

substations or to upgrade running systems. This plant-focused concept assures quick, easy, and safe installation of the switchgear cameras. Reliable, user-friendly software is provided for easy and safe operation. The latest (and smallest) member of its

switchgear product line is its new PVU portable video unit for comfortable mobile switchgear



he global Cornavirus pandemic has not stopped Bowers Electricals who have continued to provide products and services across their range throughout. Indeed, they have accelerated improvements in their facilities

that not only enhance the quality levels and customer interaction but ensure a safe environment within the new guidelines. One of the ways Bowers Electricals are now supporting its customers is to

offer fully remote witnessing of our Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) via secure video and audio link. Customers can view the testing from multiple individual cameras covering both the test area and the control panels with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom to tailor exactly what they wish to focus on. Bowers Electricals have always driven to provide products to the highest

standards and this is evident in them fully testing each transformer to the relevant international standards before it leaves the facility. This attention to detail continues right down to the Rating & Diagram plate which is then fixed to the unit with the test data. Bowers Electricals have recently invested in a Trotec laser engraving machine to ensure the plates are unparalleled quality and finish. They can be done on Anodised Aluminium, Stainless steel and several other mediums to ensure they are easily readable for years to come whatever the environment maybe. The Motor and Rewinds department has also invested in an iTIG III C12 static motor tester and winding analyzer, the most advance tester in the industry. The iTIG III features over 20 high and low voltage tests including high frequency surge and partial discharge. It has built in PDF software enabling reports to be directly generated for customers. Finally, Bowers have installed a new system running the 'sign in' app which

means staff and visitors can record their arrival contact free via QR code. It also increases Bowers Electricals EHS controls with photo ID for all visitors and adherence to their full induction process. Bowers Electricals have been powering industry since 1947 and still today continue to invest and improve so they can continue to provide products, equipment, servicing and maintenance support to their vast array of customers and industries.

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company works closely with major clients in the area of power grids/ power technologies and thus can offer mature solutions that meet all specific requirements on site. Its switchgear camera systems are in use in plants worldwide, contributing to occupational safety.


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