The self-test feature is built into each product and

conducts routine functional and duration testing in accordance with the relevant standards, obviating the need for costly manual testing and intervention other than to record and rectify faults. With no requirement to isolate the mains supply to test, there is no disruption to the normal working day and no loss of productivity. After installation and an initial 24-hour charging

period, the product conducts its own self-test operation. This comprises of a 3-hour duration test, after which a 30-second ‘monthly’ function test is carried out every 28 days, and then yearly another 3-hour duration test. Following each self-test sequence, the unit will revert into charging mode. The unit’s status and any fault modes are shown

by the bi-colour LED indicator. A green light is displayed in normal running mode, while a red light operates to indicate the following: one red flash indicates a battery fault, two red flashes indicates a lamp fault and three red flashes indicates a duration test failure. Manual initiation of the testing procedure is also possible should it be required. When it comes to emergency lighting, the new

lighting products that offers convenience, compliance, cost savings and ease of fault


nightsbridge, one of the UK’s leading brands of lighting and wiring accessories, is introducing a range of self-test emergency

identification. The comprehensive, LED-powered range, which is ideal for retail, commercial, industrial and HMO applications, comprises of a robust bulkhead unit, a contemporary downlight, high lumen twin spotlights, and a versatile exit sign.

Knightsbridge range of self-test luminaires puts safety first while requiring minimum manual intervention post installation, therefore keeping costs down.


Helvar and Steinel join forces for next- gen DALI-2 lighting control solution

technology with Helvar’s expertise in Intelligent Lighting Solutions. Blending the precise, high-quality sensing of


Steinel with the intelligent solution capabilities of Helvar will serve benefits such as increasing sustainability by delivering highly efficient buildings, both in terms of optimising energy as well as space. In addition, creating more intelligent buildings for the benefits of enhancing wellbeing, comfort and productivity to its building occupants. The Lighting Industry is becoming more interoperable, and driving this trend are recent advancements in open standards such as DALI-2 and Bluetooth. As a result, customers are demanding systems which consist of high-quality products, from multiple manufacturers, to form the most efficient solution. Helvar and Steinel have recognised this and their partnership will be the first of its kind to be

elvar and Steinel announced their international partnership, which they hope will combine Steinel’s expertise in sensing

formed between two manufacturers around the multi-vendor interoperability offered by the DALI- 2 open standard. With the partnership, Helvar will start to offer selected DALI-2 Steinel sensors as part of Helvar’s portfolio at the end of the year (2020). Those selected sensors will complement Helvar’s existing sensor range as part of the Helvar’s Imagine Solution. Both companies share compatible technologies as well as the same company vision, hence will be looking for further opportunities to maximise their partnership in the future. DALI-2 is the natural commercial starting

point for the partnership as it is the open standard for Lighting and Lighting Controls for which both companies provide products and solutions. The future of this partnership could see solutions for Intelligent Buildings combining next generation people detection and multi-parameter sensors by Steinel with the cloud analytics and intelligent insights by Helvar’s Digital Services.

“We are excited and proud to enter into a

partnership with Steinel!” states Adel Hattab, CEO of Helvar. “We both share the same vision about the

sustainability of the future intelligent building and the wellbeing it offers its users. Together we can provide our customers with the benefits of DALI-2 interoperability in combination with our leading

lighting control system.” Martin Frechen, Managing Director of Steinel, complemented this by stating:

“Building Intelligence is the new buzz these days. Energy-saving, healthy environments and

wellbeing are the benefits of buildings in the future. We are proud to be in that partnership with Helvar to jointly make these promises come alive. Full system interoperability beyond the norms, two great companies sharing the same vision and working with the same dedication to perfection. We are very excited!”



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