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membrane-type keypad. The integral battery compartment is accessed by a separate removable cover and the two halves of the case held together with two concealed screws (supplied). There is also a handy optional pocket/belt clip supplied with the case that can be fixed in place with two screws. (The pocket clip BPC5 is also available separately). BC5 measures 92mm high by 63mm wide by 24mm deep. Nominal wall thickness is 2.5mm. BC5 is available in matt finish black only as standard, although RAL colours are available on request for both BC5 and BC3. The final model in BCL’s range of hand held cases


he BC range of hand held boxes from BCL Enclosures, the specialist UK manufacturer of standard and custom plastic enclosures,

includes a number of different models suitable for a wide range of applications - these protective cases can be used for measuring instruments, wireless communication devices, control and data recording devices and many more. The hand held case with battery compartment

and belt/pocket clip option, Model BC2, has an integral PP3 battery compartment with a removable cover and clip-in terminals supplied as standard. Four internal location pegs and sockets hold a PCB securely in place without the need for further fixings. The case is held together by two self-tapping screws concealed by the battery cover for a neat finish. The pocket/belt clip is supplied with each case and can easily be fixed to it with two supplied screws. Manufactured from ABS, standard colours are matt black, white or light grey,

with other RAL colours available on request. The front of the case has feature panels which provide an excellent surface for customization such as company logos. The case measures 103mm high by 62mm wide by 23mm deep. Nominal wall thickness is 1.5mm. A hand held case model, BC3, has a battery

compartment and separate front cover model with an integral PP3 battery compartment accessible by a separate removable cover. Again, the two main halves of the case are held together by two supplied self- tapping screws concealed by the battery cover. The integral bezel and front cover can be removed for ease of manufacture. In moulded ABS, colours are high- impact matt black, white or grey with a polished front panel. BC3 measures 118mm high by 66mm wide by 33mm deep. Nominal wall thickness is 2.0mm. Model BC5 hand held case offers a recessed front

panel, battery compartment and a belt/pocket clip option. The recessed front panel is suitable for a

is an instrument or calculator case with a battery compartment, moulded from matt black or white ABS. The BC4 case has an integral battery compartment, with a sliding cover that will take two PP3 type batteries. Internal PCB pillars are provided in both halves of the case, which are securely held together with four supplied self- tapping screws. At the window end of the case there is a removable panel for leads or a window for infra-red remote control applications. Measurements are 154mm high by 81mm wide by 37.5mm deep at the upper end, tapering to 33mm deep at the lower edge. Nominal wall thickness is 2.0mm. The display window is 49mm x 20mm. BCL Enclosures’ products are manufactured in the

UK, which overcomes the supply issues often found with non-UK manufactured items. Products are available from stock or on very short lead times. In addition to the above hand held range, BCL Enclosures offers a very comprehensive range of plastic enclosures and power supply units. Advice on enclosure specification and a full gamut of custom and customisation services are also available.


Hammond IP66 stainless steel industrial enclosures


he IP66 EJSS family from Hammond Electronics is available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, supplied as standard in a

natural smooth brushed finish. Sealed to IP66, the EJSS is designed for use as an instrument enclosure, an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housing, electrical junction box or terminal wiring enclosure. In applications such as food processing, a formed lip on the enclosure diverts flowing liquids and contaminants away from the seamless poured-in place gasket in the door, enabling it to be hosed down during cleaning. Stainless steel is also an excellent material for installation in areas where corrosion may be a problem. The EJSS family is available in 22 sizes, ranging from 102 x 102 x 76mm to 406 x 356 x

IP66 for European and CE, UL and NEMA 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 requirements for North American markets. The body and cover are formed from 1.3mm stainless steel with smooth, continuously welded seams without knock outs, cut outs, or holes. Integral heavy duty full width top and bottom brackets facilitate mounting the enclosure to an external surface. The cover, mounted on a heavy duty continuous hinge, opens through 180° for good access; a quarter turn latch prevents casual unauthorised access by requiring a tool for operation. A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is fitted to the enclosure.

254mm. All but the two smallest sizes are supplied complete with a 1.6mm thick internal unpainted galvanised steel panel. The EJSS meets IEC 60529



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