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PP C&A helps EYOTO eye global expansion with new outsourcing partnership

Seven UK innovators tipped to deliver smart, zero carbon homes


even of the UK’s most cutting-edge innovators in Smart, Zero Carbon Building Solutions have been selected for a rigorous business acceleration

programme at Energy Systems Catapult. For its fourth ‘Innovator Challenge’, the Catapult is collaborating with Places

for People, to help SMEs unlock new routes-to-market, secure investment and breakdown barriers to growth. The seven innovators that will get access to advanced energy system expertise

from the Catapult plus specialist business support from a wider network of around 40 consultants, include: Amp X, Atamate, Clean Energy Prospector, Pumped Heat, Sero, Studio Victoria and Wondrwall. Paul Jordan, business lead for innovator support and international at Energy

Systems Catapult, says: “Congratulations to the SMEs joining our 4th cohort for the ISP. Yet again we had our work cut out to select participants from the high number of quality applications. “To achieve Net Zero, we will need to fully decarbonise our ‘Buildings &


P Control & Automation, which works with more than 25 of the world’s largest machinery builders, is supporting the Aston University

School of Optometry spin-out to build its eMap product, the world’s first edge to edge, fully digitised, remotely accessible lens analysis system. The aim with this technology is to give global eye care companies and

retailers the opportunity to bring lenses to life at the click of a button, with incredibly advanced surface inspection and full-colour power maps in just 55 seconds. Volumes are already increasing rapidly with social distancing and Covid-

19 and the new Midlands-born partnership will be crucial to helping meet global demand. Garry Myatt, sales director at PP C&A, comments: “EYOTO had been let

down badly and needed a partner they could trust to pick things up and put in place a full manufacturing line that would deliver substantial quantities within the first six months. “Our ability to have the right skills available in engineering competence,

cable preparation and creation, electro-mechanical build and assembly meant we had the majority of what we needed under one roof and then it was simply case of designing the build process. “One of the key things we did was to invest over £150,000 into a new

dedicated Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Complex Box Build manufacturing area specifically for eMap and similar products going forward. This ensures that the customer requirements and legal compliance to the recognised standards are met and involved the installation of special flooring, benches and test equipment - all grounded to earth to ensure that life of the electronics is protected from potential electrostatic discharge.” PP Control & Automation used its proven product introduction

methodology to take on the eMap contract in a matter of weeks. Learning ‘on the product’ was accelerated, with a joint ‘Design for

Manufacturing’ exercise undertaken during the first few machine builds, quickly identifying a number of aesthetic improvements and functional changes behind the enclosure covers. Despite little set-up time, all deadlines have been met on schedule and

production improvements have been incorporated to make it easier to manufacture going forward – crucial when scaling up and targeting global retailers who demand product immediately. The partnership has been built on transparency and trust, with any issues and faults quickly identified and overcome by tapping into the collaborative expertise of engineers and designers at both firms. “Engaging with PP Control & Automation removed a lot of the stress we

were under, as we quickly realised it would deliver on the manufacturing side of things, leaving us free to concentrate on what we do best,” explains Claire Mchaddan, vice president of product development at EYOTO. “We went from being in a very difficult position with no manufacturing partner to meeting all of our forward production targets...better still, we now have a dedicated cell to help us scale up eMap volumes and embed future technology launches.”


Estates’ and the seven companies that we’ll now be working with, all have the potential to make a sizeable contribution. I’m delighted to see such a range of solutions from digital platforms and building control, heat solutions and microgrids, to new business propositions like heat- as-a-service and digital twins. Our team is excited to be working with these promising innovators and helping them to accelerate towards full commercialisation.” Julie Alexander, director of technology and innovation at Places for People,

says: “The route to zero carbon is complicated, and with the huge variation in property types across the UK, the solutions will be varied, and in some cases, complex. So much more needs to be done to understand how we can meet this challenge and how we can scale solutions that will be reliable and affordable. Working with Energy Systems Catapult has allowed Places for People to gain access to SME’s that bring new and innovative approaches to this challenge, and to understand how we can work across the sector to deliver our own environmentally sustainable objectives.

Launch of Baxi Assure offers complete home service for contractors


s the UK moves towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and an ever- growing demand for housing, Baxi has today launched a suite of

products and services for heating and hot water systems - Baxi Assure. This new comprehensive residential specification range of products and

services has come from carefully listening to contractors, developers and housing providers. They wanted products that are reliable and energy- efficient to meet the growing demands of an ever-changing housing landscape, and a manufacturer who is easy to deal with and whom they can trust - today and tomorrow. The Baxi Assure product range offers the reliable and popular Assure

boilers (formerly Potterton), energy-efficient hot water Assure cylinders, designed by the experts at Heatrae Sadia and Megaflo, and a range of low- carbon air source heat pumps; SAP energy booster accessories such as FGHR; and smart, easy-to-use comfort controls. This complete home service is backed up by Baxi’s award-winning

customer service including Baxi Design – to help achieve optimum performance and efficiencies; bespoke product training at centres across the UK; Project Hub to manage project product registrations and technical support and advice from installation to legislation. Furthermore, a dedicated team of Specification Managers provides one point of contact for all your hot water and heating system requirements. Speaking about the launch, specification director, Tom Murray comments:

“With over 150 years’ manufacturing experience behind Baxi Assure, part of the Baxi Heating group, we are passionate about investing in and delivering innovative, energy-efficient heating solutions and award-winning customer support for our customers. We are also committed to developing products which use the latest low-carbon technologies to support the UK’s transition to net-zero and are dedicated to supporting contractors on this journey.”

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