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Explosive solutions for every aspect of the battlefield

Realistic training and flawless equipment are two pillars of the modern soldier – but few companies can offer militaries both. Defence and Security Systems International talks to Kevin Catallo at CBRNergetics to learn how the company offers expert assistance throughout the military supply chain, and what this means for the troops themselves.

training to thrive in the face of danger, and the tools to do their job effectively. Between augmented reality gun ranges and the deadliest weapons around, many companies provide one of these services. But few offer both – let alone the breadth and experience to quickly get equipment where it’s needed. This isn’t surprising. Between logistical challenges and the difficulties of keeping up with the latest military developments, many companies lack the ability to back their clients all the way from the training field to the battlefield. Even so, finding such a comprehensive partner is by no means impossible – as one UK-based operator is proving with aplomb.

W Tools of the trade

There are few people better suited to explore the needs of today’s warfighter than Kevin Catallo. A 20-year veteran of the US Navy, he’s worked on everything from training and transporting troops, to managing equipment and advising on equal opportunities. As Catallo puts it, in short, he has a “long background” across defence – something he shares with his employer. As the commercial director at CBRNergetics since 2016, after all, Catallo has spent the past five years working at one of the most distinguished defence solutions providers around. If nothing else, that’s reflected in the Dorset company’s roster of clients. “We work pretty much exclusively with armed forces and police end users,” says Catallo. “We’ve worked with the UK, and have a series of projects supplying


hat does the contemporary soldier need? Arguably two things above all others: the

instance, of its range of battle simulation tools. Encompassing artillery air and ground bursts, black smoke bursts, rifle and machine gun fire, and more, the company provides troops with the same sounds and smells they’d face in a real battle. As Catallo puts it: “We want the users to train like they fight.” More to the point, Catallo adds, this sort of realism is vital in crafting a courageous and effective soldier. “People tend not to rise to a glorious occasion in battle if they’re scared,” he explains. “That’s really what training is for – to manage that fear.”

“In battle,” continues Catallo,” you’re going to sink to the level of your training. So, if your training is good, you’ll sink to that good level of training – which is what we want to simulate.” It goes without saying, he adds, that this is far more challenging when you’re simply relying on augmented reality – and not the whiff of genuine cordite.

CBRNergetics supplies the complete demolitions train, from initiation to safe disposal.

the US, Canada and European Nato partners. We also concentrate quite a bit on the GCC countries in the Middle East.” If that wasn’t enough, several south-east Asian nations have shown an interest in CBRNergetics solutions too. In part, this geographical variety can be understood by the quality of CBRNergetics products. That’s true, for

If CBRNergetics sells battle simulation products for the start of a soldier’s path to the battlefield, its demolition range is ideal for its end. For instance, its breaching explosives are ideally suited for special forces operations, with the US a recent buyer in this area. Other explosives are designed to create obstacles, whether that’s destroying a strategic road or blowing up an enemy runway. Initiation products are part of the CBRNergetics repertoire too, with safety fuse ignitors and the newly iterated Match Fuzee just two examples.

A holistic approach Not that just reading a list of CBRNergetics products is enough to give

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