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RIwP up the rulebook for vehicle-mounted weapons

The modern battlefield brings a host of threats, and a fighting force must be able to adapt quickly to neutralise them. Traditionally, turret-mounted weapons are not easy to reconfigure in the face of a new threat, but RIwP is changing the rules. Richard Allen-Miles, head of international business development at Moog Space and Defense Group, talks about the company’s new weapons platform.


he ever-changing nature of the modern battlefield brings many challenges to the preparation of a fighting force for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Fighting vehicles need to be able to navigate many different types of terrain and, ultimately, engage myriad potential threats. Adaptability is their most important characteristic and often the hardest to achieve. Until now, that versatility has often been compromised by the fixed configuration of a vehicle’s remote weapon station (RWS), but the new reconfigurable integrated weapons platform (RIwP) delivers a scalable and flexible remote turret that goes above and beyond what a traditional RWS can offer. RIwP, designed by global defence manufacturer Moog, provides a proven platform with multiple weapon options to guarantee tailored overmatch and improved survivability in every combat situation. Equipped with high-performance target acquisition technology and unmatched stabilisation accuracy, it provides precision medium-calibre and indirect-fires lethality, with more firepower than most current combat systems, while also being light enough for a tactical vehicle. “It is its reconfigurability that makes RIwP so suited to today’s fighting vehicles,” says Richard Allen-Miles, head of international business development at Moog Space and Defense Group. “These vehicles must be flexible and adaptable enough to meet – and overcome – whatever threat or challenge confronts them. RIwP is designed to let warfighters achieve weapon overmatch no matter what the threat.”

Options for engagement

Moog has more than 70 years of experience as a designer, manufacturer and integrator


The RIwP Standard Cupola (pictured in the centre) is designed to support a range of different configurations, making it the ideal solution for any mission.

of precision control components and systems. Its high-performance systems are used to control military and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, missiles, automated industrial machinery, and marine and medical equipment.

RIwP represents the combination of all Moog’s engineering expertise and experience in the defence sector, which has allowed it to surmount many obstacles in pursuit of such a versatile solution. “The key challenges were to develop a weapons platform that was small, agile and reconfigurable but to do so while incorporating components and subsystems normally found on a traditional turret,” Allen- Miles remarks. “Reload under armour and manual override of the azimuth and elevation axis drives are examples of this high-level functionality and this is all achieved in a system that will fit on top of vehicles as small as a protected mobility vehicle.” The range of potential configurations is staggering. For a counter-drone mission, for example, one could have a 30mm gun

to support proximity-fused rounds for very short-range engagements, a weapon sight of choice for target identification and four to six ground-to-air counter drone missiles for short-range engagements, as well as a coaxial machine gun as a secondary weapon for self-protection.

A ground-based air defence mission could use similar effectors and sights but with the additional option for increased capacity and capability of multiple ground-to-air short-range missiles for extended range engagements of fixed-wing or rotary wing aircraft, as well as drones.

For an anti-armour mission, RIwP could incorporate a larger 30mm/MK44 cannon for extended range engagements, again utilising the weapon sight of choice for target identification and an anti-armour missile for extended range engagements. “Alternatively, with its capacity to host multiple missiles at the ready, RIwP can be configured to a multi-missile anti-armour platform, with four to six anti-tank guided missiles, a 30mm gun and associated weapons sight, and coax machine gun,”

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