writes features for athome Magazine and several other publications. He lives on Paris Mountain with his wife of 13 years, Nicole, and their two kids, Ayven (6) and Quinn (1). He enjoys hiking and mountain biking and organizes an annual Upstate business & technology conference called TechLinkSC.

(Left to right) Hadley Stahl, Shelby Deats Stahl ’00 and Evan Stahl enjoy a scenic meal on vacation.

(From left to right) Jeff Schatten, Sam Schatten, Milo Schatten and Kimary Vigliano Schatten ’01 hike a trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia in July 2019.


Christopher Ammon and Kristen Kelly Ammon celebrated the adoption of their daughter, Destiny Lynn Ammon, in October 2019. Teir other two children turn 14 and 10 this year and fill their days with basketball, homework and

church activities. Kristen remains a nurse manager at Duke Hospital, and Christopher is enjoying his second year as a fifth grade teacher.

Brendan Blowers is the marketing director for Microsoft Partner, PTG in Greenville, South Carolina. He also

Jill Brumer is excited to be in her second year as head of the drama department at Lone Star College- Tomball, just north of her home in Houston, Texas. She and her husband also operate two classic cocktail bars in the Houston area.

Justin Stahl and Shelby Deats Stahl ’00 live in south Charlotte with their two children, Evan (10) and Hadley (8). Tey enjoy watching both children play multiple sports and traveling in between.

Sarah Wilson Tidwell was recently promoted to marketing coordinator at Iscar Metals. She is living in the Charlotte area again after spending several years in Arlington, Texas, at Iscar’s US headquarters. She is happily married to her husband, Nick, of 15 years, and raising two sons Luke (13) and Eli (11). She spends her free time with friends at game nights,

crafting with her monthly stamp club and reconnecting with her Kappa Delta sisters whenever possible.

2003 Kari Arthur Hyatt and the late Adam Hyatt’s son, James, worked to get 50,000 “likes” on an Instagram post to win a pair of custom soccer cleats in honor of Adam, who passed away last July. Adam and James bonded over soccer, and this was a way for James to carry his father with him as he played the sport they both loved. In just three days, and with help from the Queens community, James had well over 50,000 likes.

Heather Winecoff Todd is celebrating 17 years with Atrium Health. She currently works as an accreditation coordinator for laboratory services. She recently celebrated her 13th wedding anniversary and her daughter Haidyn’s ninth birthday. Her family also just welcomed a new boxer puppy, Riley, to the family at Christmas.

2004 Bonnie Davis Meadows MSN ’14 is enjoying life in Belmont, North Carolina, with her husband of two years, Anthony Deshea Meadows. She obtained a Post Master’s of Science


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