sister, Nancy Ingram Walters ’60, who passed away on March 4.

1966 Te class expresses sympathy to Kaki Harmon Reed on the death of her brother, Frederick Eugene “Rick” Reed, Jr., who passed away on December 12, 2019.

Betsy Fuehrer Scherer and Ray once again enjoyed the annual Queens Teater Weekend in New York City. In addition, Betsy was thrilled with last summer’s visit from Dr. Charles and Jane Hadley as they explored their Pennsylvania Quaker roots. Betsy and Ray also traveled to West Chester, Pennsylvania, to see Jonathan Hadley perform in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Tey enjoyed catching up over dinner after the show.

1967 October marked the fourth anniversary of Connie Gill Rogers moving to Charlotte from Vermont with her husband, Al. Te couple absolutely loves living here. Connie and Al have become involved in a big revitalization plan for a poor minority community, which has been challenging and fabulous at the same time. Connie’s sister, Nancy, moved to Charlotte from California this past spring and loves Te Queen City, too. On a sad note, Al’s youngest daughter, Kathi, died on November 22, three days after her 49th birthday. She battled cancer for 15 years, and while she never gave up, it finally took her.

1968 Tilda Todd Balsley and Skip have found a way to get the whole family (10 people) together for quality time—a trip. Teir most recent adventure was a South African safari, and they heartily recommend it.

Te class expresses sympathy to Sally Hunter Hunter and Mary Jane Hunter LaFave ’71 on the death of their mother, Ruth Edmiston Hunter ’42, who passed away on January 8.


Dr. Charles Hadley and Betsy Fuehrer Scherer ’66 reminisced while looking at Queens yearbooks when Dr. Hadley and his wife, Jane, vacationed in Pennsylvania during the summer of 2019.

Ruth was also the mother-in-law of Mary Stuart Hankins Hunter ’74.

Chris Sprenkle Jones lives in Charlotte and is retired. She has two married sons and four grandchildren. Her husband died years ago from Alzheimer’s, but the rest of her family members live in Charlotte. Chris volunteers her time to counsel families coping with a family member with Alzheimer’s, sings in choir, volunteers in schools and faithfully practices yoga. In addition, she has terrific, caring local friends and gathers with out-of-town Queens friends.

Sidney Walker Pease had a very busy 2019. She took her family to France and Italy in July; moved from Atlanta to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, in August; enjoyed a fun trip to New York City with six ’68 Queens friends; and, most exciting of all, watched granddaughter, Carson Pease, fall in love with Queens, where she is now a member of the class of 2023 and the dance team (and on the Dean’s List to boot). Go Royals!


Te class expresses sympathy to the family of Jane Gage Futado, who passed away on April 27.

Cathy Flanagan Lawrence ’71 hosted a lunch for Queens alumni in the San Francisco area at the Metropolitan Club on October 8. (Top row, left to right) Tracey Cheney Rauen ’87, Dr. Myrtle Heery ’68, Farris Cannon Horak ’57, (front row, left to right) Lesley Bynum Swartz ’87, Cathy Flanagan Lawrence ’71 and Dr. Shirley McGuire ’87 enjoyed remembering stories about their time at Queens.

(Left to right) Myrta Pulliam ’69 and Susan Staaf Fisher ’69 enjoyed McKee Gardens in Vero Beach, Florida, in February.

Sidney Walker Pease’s ’68 granddaughter, Carson Pease, is a member of Queens’ class of 2023 and is also on the university’s dance team.

Aileen Ponder Hatcher ’71 and her husband, Mike McCoy, traveled to Miami for Super Bowl festivities in February.

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