Watch out for construction zones and drive safely.

STAY INFORMED: Log on to for updates on projects in your neighborhood or call (623) 333-4200. For a complete list of highway and freeway restrictions in the Phoenix area and around the state, visit ADOT’s Travel Information site at or call 5-1-1.


Historic Avondale Sign Toppers $12k – Fabrication and Installation Complete

Check out the new sign toppers in Historic Avondale! A total of 155 sign toppers within the Historic Avondale neighborhoods were attached to existing sign posts, denoting the name of the Historic Neighborhood in which it is located. The seven Historic Neighborhoods that received sign toppers include Ludlow, Mountainview, Madden, Pacific, Harrison, Kinderman and Rhodes Historic Districts.

Green Bike Paint Program $50k – Phase 1 Striping Complete

We’re painting the city green! As part of a multi-year program to draw attention to our bicycle lanes, these green painted sections serve as a visual reminder to motorists to watch for bicyclists as they enter or exit driveways. The City has painted bike lanes near schools on Central Avenue, as well as bike lanes around Estrella Vista Elementary, La Joya High School,

Littleton Elementary and Collier Elementary. Additional bike lanes throughout Avondale will be treated during Phase 2 of the project.


Dysart Rd & Rancho Santa Fe Drive Improvements Design Complete - Construction Anticipated Fall 2019 $685K – Anticipated Construction Cost The City completed design and land acquisition for improvements to Dysart Road and Rancho Santa Fe Blvd. as part of a project to improve traffic flows, improve safety, reduce delays and provide improved access to adjacent shops and businesses. The improvements will include the addition of a dedicated right turn lane on Dysart Road, along with new ADA compliant curb ramps and upgraded pavement, markings and signage, along with the

18 • RAVE September - December 2019

relocation of an existing traffic signal pole. The photo (at right) shows the existing northbound configuration on Dysart Road, consisting of a dedicated left turn lane, two through lanes and a through/right turn lane. The proposed configuration will consist of the dedicated left turn lane, three through lanes and a new dedicated right turn lane.

Avondale Commerce Park Located on the Southwest corner of Roosevelt St and 101st Avenue, this new industrial complex comprises two buildings housing a total of over 650,000 square feet, providing additional flex industrial space as well as large manufacturing or warehouse distribution opportunities. The first businesses are expected to open in early 2020.


Historic Avondale Street and Utility Improvements Design Complete - Construction Anticipated Phase 1 FY 2020 - 2021 $3M – Anticipated Construction Cost for Phase 1 The City will be making significant upgrades to utility infrastructure in Historic Avondale, Cashion and Las Ligas, over the course of the next few years. Phase 1 will take place through Summer 2021, beginning with the first project area: S 3rd Avenue from Western Avenue to the southern terminus, and four roads, W Holly Lane, W Aragon Lane, W Ely Lane and W Rhodes Ave. between S 3rd and Central Avenues. Approximately 25,000 square yards of existing roadway asphalt will be replaced, and sidewalk, ramps and driveways will be constructed to meet ADA guidelines. Streetlight poles will be added or relocated as required to ensure adequate lighting for the area. The City will also upgrade approximately 5,300 linear feet of existing water lines located behind or under sidewalks to meet the minimum 8" diameter standard. Approximately 105 water services, and a dozen fire hydrants will be replaced, and others added as needed. Existing sewer lines will be repaired on an as-needed basis during construction.

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