Rank Provider 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Life Care Services Brookdale Senior Living Five Star Senior Living Erickson Living American Senior Communities

Vi (Classic Residence Management LP)

Senior Living Communities

8 Watermark Retirement Communities

9 10 Sunrise Senior Living Senior Lifestyle Corp. CCRC

Properties 70

69 39 19 14 10 10 8 7 7

which thrives in the independent living space, has 8,745 employees and 31,731 units; Silverado, which offers only memory care, has nearly an equal number of employees (3,394) and units (3,375). The need to continue to find qualified staff has been a challenge

for senior living in recent years. “Part of our mission is to be a great place to work and a great place to live,” said Justin Robins, execu- tive vice president and co-COO for Senior Lifestyle. “Providing recognition is critical. We visit the 11-7 shift when in the field, telling them how much we care about them and understand the shift they cover is tough but appreciated beyond words. If there is a meeting in the field, someone from the corporate and executive team tries to attend and there we share what we expect of the culture and ask for culture stories to be shared.” Those stories are then discussed in corporate office meetings, said Robins, which creates a sense of community for the whole team. “Our biggest challenge is labor, labor, and labor,” agreed David

Grady, president and COO of Somerby Senior Living, new to the largest providers list at No. 55. “In the ever-tightening and increasingly challenging labor market for that precious associate, our culture of ‘calling’ has helped us attract and retain executive directors, managers, and the all-important front-line staff. As the front-line staff goes, so goes your company.” Gray, who joined Somerby a year and a half ago, noted that

staff has grown from 800 to 1,400 in that time period. “I wish I could say that improved technology and/or a unique program has helped us deliver on the promised land of satisfied, engaged, and productive associates; rather, our success in this has been the expressed appreciation and uncompromising standard of living of

“Our philosophy is that people deserve exceptional care, especially those with dementia,” said Mitchell W. Warren, chairman, CEO, and co-owner of The LaSalle Group/ Autumn Leaves. “So we focus first on meeting the need and setting the standard in the communities where we now operate, and expand only where we see an opportunity to successfully bring our pioneering care to more people.”

location, surrounded by the wonderful people you’ve come to know and love.” This year’s list finds several companies still operating in the

CCRC space, including Brookdale, Five Star, and Erickson Living. "Our CCRC residents are attracted by the amenities unique to each location and excellent living conditions. They want the high class services as well as the social environment," said Ryan Wilson, Brookdale senior vice president of sales and chief growth officer.

Caring and Caregivers Staffing remains a major challenge for senior living providers and the type of care offered plays an enormous role in staffing needs. Just consider the size of Silverado’s staff vs. Holiday’s staff. Holiday,


our ‘live your calling’ culture. I walk the halls—with a special drive to speak with and high five the front-line staff—of each of our campuses once each quarter. My position has given me a unique platform to communicate and instill our culture with our nurses, cooks, housekeepers, caregivers, concierges, drivers—everyone under a Somerby rooftop.”

Not ‘Settling’ In addition to staffing, innovation in affordability and anticipating customer needs continue to top providers’ list of challenges. “There are many challenges coming our way,” acknowledged Jim Pusateri, co-COO of Senior Lifestyle. “Down the road, we have a generation that does not have sufficient savings so really perfecting a more

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