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Make Special Requests and Ask

for Substitutions Speak up and ask for food the way you want it! Restaurants are usually happy to prepare foods the way you request. For example:

▶ Ask for your meal to be prepared without added butter or salt.

▶ If your sandwich comes with fries, ask for a tossed salad (dressing on the side), a cup of vegetable soup, or fruit instead.

Order Dressings and Sauces

on the Side The calories and fat from gravies, salad dressings, and sauces can add up. Order these kinds of toppings on the side, then dip your fork in the dressing, sauce, or gravy before taking a bite. You still get great flavor, but you will use less than half the regular amount.

Choose Lean Meats

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The average American eats out several times each week. When you learn how to choose heart-healthy options, you can enjoy eating at restaurants while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips to follow.

Eat Smaller Portions

The portion sizes at restaurants have grown over the years, and large portions may lead you to eat more calories than you need. Here are a few ways to eat less:

▶ Order a “to-go” box ahead of time. Place half of your entree in the box before you start eating. Then bring the leſtovers home to enjoy for another meal.

▶ Split an entree with a friend. You save money and calories this way!

▶ Ask for a smaller portion. Some restaurants offer half portions of their entrees.

▶ Eat a healthy snack before you go to the restaurant. This ensures that you are not too hungry when you get there, and you will be less likely to overeat.

▶ Order an appetizer instead of an entree. Some healthy options might include vegetables, steamed or grilled seafood, or broth-based (instead of cream-based) soup.

Choose Water

Drink water instead of soſt drinks or other high-calorie beverages.Water keeps you hydrated without the added sugar and calories. For extra flavor, ask for a twist of lemon or lime.


When you cook meals at home, you are in control of how foods are prepared and the ingredients and amounts used. Here are some simple tips that will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without giving up flavor.

Use Low-Fat Cooking and

Baking Methods Bake, broil, roast, sauté, steam, or grill foods. Unlike frying, these cooking methods use little to no fat.

When baking, replace up to half the fat from butter, margarine, or oil in a recipe with an equal amount of applesauce or other pureed fruit.

Choose Healthy Fats

Use heart-healthy fats like olive oil or canola oil instead of solid fats like butter, stick margarine, or shortening.

Choose Nonfat or Low-Fat Dairy Products

Cut saturated fats from the foods you eat by replacing whole milk dairy products with low-fat or nonfat alternatives.

Reduce Added Sugars

Many foods with added sugars supply calories and very few nutrients. Limit regular soſt drinks, fruit drinks, candy, cakes, cookies, and pies. Save your added sugars for foods that also provide important nutrients, such as whole grain, ready-to-eat cereals; instant oatmeal; or flavored yogurt.

Copyright © 2016 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This handout may be reproduced for patient education. HEART-HEALTHY EATING Copyright © 2016 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This handout may be reproduced for patient education. 616920 31 PP 2019

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HEART-HEALTHY EATING Copyright © 2016 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This handout may be reproduced for patient education.

If you order beef, choose lean cuts, such as round, sirloin, or loin. Other lean meats include pork tenderloin, skinless turkey or chicken, fish, and shellfish.

Choose grilled or broiled meats, poultry, fish, and shellfish instead of fried options.

Aim to eat a 3- to 4-ounces portion of meat (3 ounces is about the size of a deck of cards). You can always take the leſtovers home.

Enjoy a Healthier Option for Dessert

If you want to end your meal with something sweet, opt for fruit or sorbet. Even if these choices are not on the menu, many restaurants offer them. Splitting a dessert is another great option.

Heart-Healthy Eating

Help your clients learn about important heart health topics, including dining out and cooking, reading food labels, meatless meals, omega-3 fats, plant stanols and sterols, sodium, grocery shopping, and more.



Eating Healthy on a Budget

This set provides budget- friendly tips and tools on a variety of topics, including big-batch cooking, quick and easy meals and snacks, grocery shopping, meal planning for diabetes, vegetarian eating, college students, and more.

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Nutrient Library

This library of handouts covers macronutrients and selected micronutrients, including nutrients of concern, that have direct application to nutrition counseling and medical nutriton therapy.

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Cooking Basics

These handouts cover a variety of topics for clients wanting to cook healthy meals at home, including advance prep cooking, finding healthy recipes, healthy cooking methods and equipment, food safety, how to make sauces, salad dressing, one-pot meals, and more.

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Healthy Meal Planning and Shopping

Use these handouts to help your clients learn about meal planning for gluten- free diets, diabetes, heart health, and vegetarian and Mediterranean-style eating; and offer guidance on shopping, label reading, food safety, and more.

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