exceptional ability as an aerial fi refi ghting aircraft. We selected Flying Colours as it is renowned for its fl exibility and expertise in missionizing aircraft to very particular cabin specifi cations,” adds Barry Marsden, chairman & CEO, Conair.


APPLETON, WISCONSIN Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. has announced its plans to construct a new service center at Wisconsin’s Appleton International Airport to support its growing customer fl eet. This additional Gulfstream Appleton facility, which will complement the existing hangar and offi ce space, is expected to begin operations in the second quarter of 2019 and create approximately 200 jobs. Gulfstream will develop an

approximately $40 million, nearly 180,000-square-foot/16,723- square-meter maintenance, repair and overhaul facility northeast of the airport terminal. The new building will include a hangar, offi ces, back shops and support space. The expansion will boost the number of employees at Gulfstream Appleton to more than 1,000. Groundbreaking is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018. “This is the most signifi cant expansion we’ve had in Appleton in the nearly 20 years we’ve been there,” says Derek Zimmerman, president, Gulfstream Product Support. “The demand for our outstanding service business is growing, so this added maintenance capacity and additional jobs are great news for our customers and the community. These added resources will further enhance the world-class service and support this site is known for in the industry.” A company site since 1998,

Gulfstream Appleton is home to a service center and large-cabin completions facility spread over more than 315,500 sf/29,310 sq m. In

54 | mar 2018

2017, employees there completed 582 aircraft visits, including road trips, to support customers at regional airports. Gulfstream Appleton off ers a broad range of services, including major inspections, structural modifi cations and major avionics installations and safety upgrades. It is a certifi ed U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency repair station, and also has maintenance approvals from Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the Isle of Man.


FOCUS AREAS FOR 2018 The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has released its annual list of Top Safety Focus Areas, topics identifi ed by the NBAA Safety Committee as primary risk- mitigation targets for all business aircraft operators.

The 2018 NBAA Top Safety Focus Areas are: • Loss of Control Infl ight (LOC-I) • Runway Excursions

• Single-Pilot Operation Safety • Procedural Compliance • Ground Handling and Taxi Incidents

• Distraction Management • Scenario- and Risk-Based Training and Checking

• Positive Safety Culture Promotion

• Infl ight Aircraft Collision Risk • Workforce Competency and Staffi ng

• Safety Data Sharing and Utilization “The identifi ed focus areas represent the most critical safety-related risks facing business aircraft operators in 2018,” says David Ryan, chairman of NBAA’s Safety Committee. “This list is the result of spirited collaboration between the dedicated men and women on the Safety Committee, who are committed to not only

identifying potential hazards, but also through working with regulators, member companies and other industry stakeholders, to provide the business aviation community with the most eff ective mitigation tools and strategies.” The Safety Committee’s goal is to

promote safety-focused discussion and advocacy throughout business aviation, as well as to help NBAA prioritize how it should focus its safety-enhancement eff orts. Each year, during its annual risk- assessment meeting, the committee reviews safety survey results; risk- based safety data; and qualitative input from industry and regulatory partners, other NBAA committees and association members. Following this data-driven review, committee members deliberate and develop a list of safety focus areas for the year. “NBAA relies on the expertise of its Safety Committee to guide our safety-related programming and resources throughout the year,” says NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “Business aviation safety is a cooperative, ongoing eff ort that demands a daily commitment to the highest levels of professionalism, and the committee’s vital work has continually proven to be an asset in this pursuit.”

In addition to the 2018 list, the Safety Committee continues to promote and focus on its fi ve “foundations of safety,” considered the heart of the committee’s messaging. They are: • Professionalism • Safety Leadership • Technical Excellence • Risk Management • Fitness for Duty “These core values — the foundational elements of an eff ective safety operation — form the basis of our committee’s work,” says Ryan. “We encourage all business aircraft operators to adopt these tenets as part of their organizational culture.”

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