distribution partner to its Central and South American sales and service network with the signing of a distribution agreement with Aviation Chemical Solutions, Inc., (ACS). This distribution expansion supports Sherwin-Williams’ global growth in the general, business, commercial and military aviation sector and strengthens its overall service off erings for its expanding worldwide customer base. “Partnering with Sherwin-

Williams allows us to serve the critical paint needs of the Central and South American marketplace with the best aerospace coatings products,” says Cesar Salinas, Aviation Chemical Solutions president. “This unique opportunity aligns our sector expertise with Sherwin-Williams’ stellar brand and commitment to aircraft service excellence.” “We are dedicated to bringing

regional, national and worldwide sales and service expertise to our customers through our strong relationships with our carefully selected distributors, now including Aviation Chemical Solutions,” adds Chip Mullins, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings Global Sales manager. “We are continually looking for ways to strengthen and expand our capabilities to all our customers in the general aviation, military and commercial aviation sectors.” Aerospace coatings distributors for Sherwin-Williams provide customers with the ultimate in product and service assistance, including custom paint mixing, technical support, product demonstrations, on-site aircraft paint inspection, paint technician training and paint and associated products inventory management. Established Sherwin-Williams

distributors of aerospace coatings also can be found in North America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and Mexico, creating a signifi cant

international presence for the brand throughout the aerospace industry. In particular, the brand boasts an impressive U.S. and Canadian aerospace coatings distribution network with a dozen authorized distributors and more than 20 locations throughout North America. Aviation Chemical Solutions, with more than 25 years combined experience as a distributor for key manufacturers in the aviation industry, has developed various plans and strategies to provide serious solutions to its customers’ chemical and coatings needs. The distributor is headquartered in Miami, FL, with extensive representation throughout Central and South America.

For more information, call 888-888- 5593 or visit:


MIDDLE EAST Jet Aviation continues to grow its global fl eet, adding six new aircraft for management in the Middle East this past year. The company currently manages 22 aircraft in the region. Jet Aviation continues to see steady demand for its aircraft management and charter services in the Middle East. The company has added six aircraft to its fl eet, including a Bombardier Global, two Falcon aircraft, two Gulfstream G650s and a Learjet. These aircraft are based in North Africa, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. “We are pleased to see that aircraft

owners and operators in the region value our 24/7 global reach, our cost-effi cient solutions and our experience,” says Jürg Reuthinger, senior vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation’s aircraft management and charter operations in EMEA and Asia. “In all aspects of our operations and across the

full spectrum of our capabilities, Jet Aviation focuses on safety and premium service to ensure we remain our customers’ partner of choice.” Jet Aviation’s aircraft management in the Middle East now stands at 22 aircraft. These include four Boeing Business Jets, three Bombardier aircraft, four Dassault Falcons and 11 Gulfstreams.


The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) recognizes 18 recipients of its annual Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award, which honors individuals in the business aviation industry for outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety. The 2017 Kern Award winners are: • Robert Agostino • James Albright • Richard Boll • Russell Bryan • Steve Charbonneau • Gerald Ferriss • Jason Herman • Fred Karnik • David Keys • Yann Lemasson • William McNease • Rodrigo Mulchi • Donald Paddock • Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury • Sarah Rovner • Gregory Scott • Jim Weaver • Scott White

The peer-nominated award—

created to honor Dr. Tony Kern, a co- founder of Convergent Performance, distinguished U.S. Air Force veteran and author of fi ve books on human performance — recognizes individuals who excel in leadership in the following areas: • Professional ethics • Vocational excellence


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