if sensor data sggests the aircraft is in danger of stalling t was this system that appears to hae kicked in dring the ion Air take-off The system can be switched off, bt  pilot associations say oeing failed to proide adeate information ennis Traer, a spokesman

for American Airlines’ pilots’ nion, said in oember nformation was not proided to s abot this difference in systems The  Federal Aiation

Administration FAA admitted oeing  a training reirements do not address A by name t it insisted The reirements do inclde the knowledge to deal with an A eent oeing said a software fi

for the system in response to erroneos sensor inpts wold be rolled ot within weeks oth it and the FAA were sbect to growing criticism after the FAA was slow to grond the aircraft, reacting only after hinese, Astralian,  and Eropean athorities did so Analysts sggest the crisis

will cost oeing billions in compensation, legal settlements, deliery delays and repair costs oeing has deliered more

than   as and has orders for another , Only orwegian Air and

Ti Airways operate the aircraft in the  yanair was de to take deliery of its first  a net month, bt all delieries are now on hold A senior aiation analyst

told Travel Weekly There is obiosly an rgency to nderstand what happened t  don’t see it being resoled particlarly ickly t’s bond to hae an impact

 airlines will epect oeing to compensate them oeing is prodcing  of the aircraft a week and can’t store them, so prodction will halt

Travolution Business Breakfast: More than 100 delegates hear from

‘It’s a total myth that Facebook is in decline’

Claims that Facebook is in decline because younger generations are abandoning the site for other social platforms have been dismissed.

Mike Fox, chief marketing

officer at ltre Trip, who formerly worked at Facebook as director of marketing, said t’s a total myth Take a look at their recent financial reslts They’re crshing it There are a lot of people in the

press who loe to write a negatie story arond Facebook t’s a good clickbait headline There are certainly things

that cold be done better, bt for the most part people working at Facebook are trying to do their best t’s ery complicated and it’s ncharted territory and there’s a lot of trial and error that comes

Firms urged to get handle on all social channels

Trael firms serios abot social media cannot afford not to eperiment with alternatie channels, according to ltre Trip’s ike Fo The chief marketing officer of

the global content platform, which plans to lanch a trael diision this year, said Facebook is pretty well-established, so yo hae to be good at it hat’s challenging for s is the new platforms that are still

7021 March 2019

“A lot of people love to write a negative story around Facebook – it’s good clickbait”

with bilding something es, the kids aren’t adopting it

Facebook as ickly as they did  years ago t maybe they’re not ready for it in their life stage yet  se Facebook a lot becase 

am a grown-p with parents who lie in America and relaties all oer the world  need to keep  toch with ena haletos, fonder and

chief eectie of online trael agent tripper, said many social media sers are on seeral platforms bt tend to se one the most e are always looking at

which platform is more releant

trying to figre their way For instance, napchat, what

do yo do with that e’e done a lot of eperiments, bt it’s hard to figre ot where yo scale hat’s nclear is how we

bring the napchat cstomer to or ecosystem t’s a lot easier on Facebook Fo said companies mst now

spend a lot to be sccessfl on Facebook, bt added  saw so many people in the early days of Facebook crsh it, so  don’t think yo can afford not to be eperimenting on these new platforms becase if yo sole it for yorself yo’re so far ahead of the game

FOX: ‘What’s unclear is how [to target] the Snapchat customer’

ast October, ltre Trip lanched its ngerlst food ideo series on napchat, which Fo said saw a ton of engagement

CHALETZOS: ‘We’re always looking at which platform is more relevant’

for which demographic, she said Jst becase they go on to nstagram doesn’t mean they’re going to leae Facebook ick ooper, head of  market

at olidayirates, which has bilt its bsiness targeting millennials on Facebook, said The main thing for s is how sccessfl Facebook has been eing too reliant on Facebook and only knowing how to do bsiness one way can leae yo lnerable iersifying is going to be really important for s

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