Davis takes up operations role at Spear Travels

3For managing director Trevor Davis has taken up the new consultancy role of group operations director at Spear Travels Group. Group managing director Peter Cookson will take a step back from the day-to- day running of the 13-branch miniple. Davis is leaving trade support consultancy 3FOR, which he set up five years ago.

Virgin Atlantic and union deny Easter holiday strike

Virgin Atlantic and Unite have denied reports that cabin crew are threatening strike action over the Easter holiday period. However, the airline and the union both confirmed talks were ongoing over proposed cuts to cabin crew allowances.

Val-Ski ceases trading after 43 years in business

Ski specialist Val-Ski ceased trading last week after 43 years. The Civil Aviation Authority’s Atol crisis management team has stepped in to help customers. Based in Devon, the operator, which traded as Val- Ski and Ski-Val, offering catered chalet holidays in Val d’Isere and St Anton.

Thomas Cook cuts its TV ad spend by three-quarters

Thomas Cook slashed its spending on TV advertising in January and February by 74% compared with last year, according to data released by Nielsen Ad Dynamix.

COMMENT: “In these uncertain times, a holiday closer to home is becoming more appealing than ever”Debbie Marshall, page 30

‘Local agents well-placed to gain from social media’

Lee Hayhurst

Small high street agencies are ideally placed to compete with travel giants on social media because of their authenticity.

A Travolution Business

Breakfast, hosted by Facebook, was held on the first morning of the annal Trael Technology Erope trade show in ondon last month A panel of eperts told more

than  delegates heard how social media is eoling as a platform to drie bookings, not st bild brand awareness ick ooper, the newly

appointed  head at deals pblisher olidayirates, said local firms hae an adantage because authenticity is a vital attribte on social media igh street agencies in illages

already have the authenticity and relevance, therefore it’s easy for them to make the transition into Facebook or social, he said They are engaging with their

local commnity, and consmers might already know them They might hae their physical shop window – now they have another shop window, on social media eing sccessfl isn’t st

Vote for your Perfect Places to enter draw to win Fitbit and Echo

“We will flex and we will shift, but our commitment to retail is as strong as ever.” Hear Kuoni’s Derek Jones talk shops and trends and marketing chief Dean Harvey talk about the brand’s hit turn-of-year video. Subscribe via the Apple Podcasts app or visit

Agents hae st a week left to have their say on which

destinations are voted as Travel Weekly’s Perfect Places for  ries inclding a Fitbit

harge , Amaon Echo and for  oeshop ochers are p for grabs All participants are entered into a prie draw

821 March 2019 Sponsors Host Transport partner

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS: Nena Chaletzos, Luxtripper; Nick Cooper, HolidayPirates; Allison Busacca, Facebook; and Mike Fox, Culture Trip

“If you’re a big brand you’ve got to try to remove your brand and connect with users personally”

abot posting stff o hae to have that authentic voice, and smaller brands are ideally sited to capitalise on that becase they can grow p with social Allison sacca, trael prodct

marketing lead at Facebook, said firms do not necessarily need hge bdgets to se the social network or nstagram, which it owns She revealed that of the

 million bsinesses on Facebook

and  million on nstagram, there are si million adertisers on the former and two million on the latter

“That shows there’s a ton of bsiness ale regardless of whether or not paid tools come into play, she said maller bsinesses sometimes feel they are under-resourced, but they can also be a lot more nimble Nena Chaletzos, founder and

chief eectie of lry online agency tripper, said f yo’re a big brand yo’e got to try to remoe yor brand altogether and connect with sers personally, so it is definitely easier for smaller

brands  Business, page 70

imply complete the srey

to help s determine which destinations yo regard as the best this year across  categories, from weddings  honeymoons and history  cltre to city breaks, lry, crise and family getaways This year’s Perfect Places

is sponsored by ewmarket olidays oting closes arch  The results will be released in a

spplement to be pblished in ay  To cast your votes, visit: comp.

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