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Abta should not dabble in the politics of Brexit

Story: Summer bookings up for second week

Abta should not dabble with political opinions. Mr Tanzer asserts: “If no deal is taken off the table, we’ll be in a better place.” How does he know? In fact, ‘no deal off the table’ will almost certainly happen, but far from being in a better place, we’re in the midst of just as much uncertainty as ever. Abta’s endeavours should focus on freeing the trade from the regulation and bureaucracy which is suffocating businesses.


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Story: Consortia vow to tackle staff crisis Anyone who’s sat A-level economics would know that the way to remedy this situation is to put wages up rather than sitting round moaning.



Cathie O’Dea @CathieodeaTC I wish operators and bed banks would use the same room terms as hotels – it would make life so much easier

John Warr @Nuovovino (Wendy Wu Tours)

So excited for TTNG conference at weekend!



“The business is out there, people want to book a holiday. But we need to persuade them harder than ever

before not to delay and to book now.”

ALAN CROSS, head of trade, Jet2holidays  News, page 5

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21 March 201917

Fingersphil @FF11NGR (Phil Nuttall, Travel Village Group) Loving the ‘rebrand’, @UKAndyHarmer. I’m glad that’s CLIA’d things up...

Recruitment crisis? Just put the wages up

Airlines’ ‘sit together’ fees are a scam

Story: Paying to sit together on flights ‘a waste of money’ Who would be responsible for the care of separated children in an emergency? What about unsuspecting passengers finding unaccompanied children sitting next to them? A most uncomfortable situation, especially if children become ill or distressed. This whole business is a scam and should be tested in the courts.






Insurance warning for older clients

Could I please use your letters page to ask travel agents with clients using Staysure travel insurance to make sure they have sufficient cancellation cover. Two elderly clients were sold by Staysure, over the telephone, a Worldwide Annual travel insurance policy with only £500 per person cancellation cover. This was hopelessly inadequate, and they lost out when they had to cancel due to illness. I helped them to appeal to Staysure and to the Financial Ombudsman Service, but because Staysure had ‘ticked the boxes’ and are a ‘non-advisory’ service, they were deemed not to be at fault. The clients accept that they didn’t check the cover. But they say the phone call was long and confusing, was mostly about their medical conditions, and the benefits were not properly explained to them. I know direct-sell insurance isn’t an agent’s responsibility. But as

Staysure appears willing to sell insurance policies with insufficient levels of cover, I would like us all to warn vulnerable customers. ALICE HOOK Appleby Travel, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria Travel Weekly would welcome a response from Staysure

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