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The lefthand wall shows other types of storage and pantries Point5 can offer

a lot of new customers over that period, but it wasn’t terrible.” The website refers to studies and home offices. Did lockdown give it a boost?

“I was hoping so,” admits Kardani, “but to be honest it didn’t really increase at all for us. It is ticking along like it always did. Maybe we aren’t promoting it enough. We have always done studies and home offices, but it’s a case of making people aware that we do them.” Talking of marketing, Kardani adds:

get anyone else to do it can come to us and we will sort it out for them. We enjoy the challenge and it becomes one of our USPs.”

We get a lot of rooms with tricky sloping ceilings but those are the sorts of projects we like

Kardani says that they also focus a lot on the internals, whereas a lot of brands just have stock options. “We go through every unit and really try to tailor the storage space for people. We can make them so that one half of a cabinet has racking

and one half shelving, or wine storage. If they want their wine stored at a certain angle, we can do that. It’s about making the kitchen work really well for the customer, fitting it to a high standard and making it a delight to use.” Not long after they opened the showroom, they took on a dedicated designer. Kardani explains: “After a year we got Manuel Fusco on board and he’s been fantastic. He treats it like his own business and he is very dedicated and talented. He was formerly an architect in Venezuela. He

Point5 sells appliances from Miele, Siemens and Gaggenau (pictured)

“We need to sort out our brand identity a bit. It’s very difficult to say ‘we do a bit of everything’, so I think we will promote mainly the kitchens, because those customers tend to find out we do other things anyway.”


He adds: “Someone will come in for a kitchen and then they realise that we do other bits and pieces. We get a fair bit of business that way.

“If we are already in a house to fit a kitchen, it’s no big deal to do a bedroom. We do get a lot of rooms with tricky sloping ceilings, but those are the sorts of projects we like. “We like doing the loft rooms and things like that, because that’s what we’re about really – someone who can’t

January 2021 ·

used to do some planning drawings for a company over here and now he does kitchens with us.” Trend-wise, Kardani confirms that open-plan is still very much on his customers’ agendas and that they do a lot of pantries and wine storage to help keep the look uncluttered. Most of their kitchens are contemporary but they can make in-frame as well.

Appliances In terms of appliances, Kardani tells kbbreview it’s Miele, Siemens and Gaggenau, while worktops are mainly Atlas Plan (porcelain) and Neolith, or Spekva if the customer specifies wood. Sinks are all undermounts from Blanco and the only taps they ever fit are Quooker boiling hot water taps, although they may also use conventional taps from Blanco for utility rooms.

So with things going well in Muswell

Hill, is there perhaps another show- room on the horizon? Kardani says: “That’s the magic question. I’m not sure. We haven’t looked into it 100%. I would like to go maybe Berkhamsted way, somewhere like that – an affluent area a little bit further out of London. I’m not sure – the hardest part of opening a showroom is making sure it is in the right area.” Here’s hoping Point5 can look forward to a smoother rite of passage for it than Muswell Hill had, without the trials of Covid-19 and Brexit.


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