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Season Two of the award-winning kbbreview Podcast continues with all the information, chat and market insight you’d expect. Here’s a round-up of all the episodes you may have missed in December…

SEASON 2, EPISODE 9 Marketing when

demand is high We’re heading back to the world

of marketing with the triumphant return to the podcast of David Barker from Inspire KBB. In particular, we’re discussing what marketing you should be doing even when demand is high and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Do you advertise when times are good or only when times are bad? High demand is not only a good time to make short term gains - vital given eveything that’s happened this year - but, Barker says, it’s also the perfect opportunity to build long term reputational goodwill with the right messaging and plans.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 12 The 4Gen Kitchen

Not only is it the fi nal episode of 2020 it’s also the 50th full episode

of The kbbreview Podcast and what better subject than a look at the next generation - no pun intended - of kitchen design.

The 4Gen kitchen is the brainchild of our guests - designer Johnny Grey and Professor Peter Gore - and it is a project developed wholly with the aim of being the most multigenerational space possible.

It integrates technology with furniture and classic design with true creativity and all by working backwards from the needs of those most likely to use it. It’s a remarkable achievement and we have the full story for you to listen to.


SEASON 2, EPISODE 10 Creating amazing retail

experiences We’re talking retail in this

episode – what lessons can KBB retailers learn from the collapse of Debenhams and the Arcadia Group in terms of giving their customers unforgettable experiences.

Building relationships with clients is the backbone of this sector – but that is a trend that is now spreading across the whole of ‘high street’ retail. How have the lockdowns affected that, and what do KBB retailers need to do? We’ve got an absolutely fascinating conversation with retail experience expert Tim Nash from global agency Wild VC.

BONUS The kbbreview Retail & Design Awards Podcast

In another special bonus episode, we have a couple of winners from the 2020 awards in the shape of Caroline Davies (pictured) from Aristocraft Kitchens and Claire Algar from Rouse Bathrooms. Kbbreview


Rebecca Nottingham also shares some top tips on putting together the perfect entry.


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SEASON 2, EPISODE 11 Callerton Kitchens and The Marble Group We have two very

special guests with different backgrounds, however both have really inspirational approaches and a lot of inherent business sagacity. We’ve got Theo Constanti of London-based stone fabricator The Marble Group – he’s just been named as Santander’s Most Inspirational Business Mentor of the Year. And then we have James Herriot (pictured) of Callerton Kitchens – he’s a veteran of the KBB industry and he’s seen economic crises come and go so his insight on the current situation and what businesses need to be doing is absolutely priceless.

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To fi nd The kbbreview Podcast, simply search ‘kbbreview’ in your app of choice – such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify. Alternatively, you can go to and listen directly through your desktop.

Technology for your business: We talk to CAD companies and retailers about digital design pg 38


· January 2021

Roper Rhodes: New MD, Leigh Leather, gives us the lowdown on the Roper Rhodes business and how he plans to take it forward pg 26

The Year Ahead: Manufacturers and retailers offer their predictions for the KBB industry throughout 2021 and beyond pg 30

Q&A with Geberit: Geberit UK and Ireland MD, Mark Larden, reveals why its latest ranges offer retailers even more possibilities pg 36

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