The latest news from the KBB industry 14 Paul Crow

The Ripples MD goes through his positive business plan

16 Malcolm Scott

The KBSA’S corporate chair gives his predictions for the next 12 months

18 Darren Taylor

Searle and Taylor’s MD refl ects on his career and offers some useful tips

20 Leanne Adamson

Abode’s marketing manager explains why you should invest in your staff

22 Richard Hagan Meet our new climate change champion


An in-depth chat with Leigh Leather, the new MD of this bathroom brand

30 Focus: The year ahead

We ask retailers and manufacturers for their 2021 predictions

36 Mark Larden A Q&A with Geberit UK’s MD about its latest launches

38 Business technology A look at the benefi ts and features of the latest CAD software for retailers


48 Retailer Profi le A chat with north London’s Point5

52 Showroom of the Month A dive into the immersive new Ocean Bathrooms showroom

Retailer Profi le: We meet the team at Point5 Kitchens in Muswell Hill pg 48

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Business technology: A look at digital design sofware for retailers pg 38

Manufacturer profi le: We chat to the new MD of Roper Rhodes pg 26




s the industry enters a new year, I think I can safely say that we all agree with the sentiment on this month’s cover.

Lockdown fever eventually unleashed a wave of pent-up demand last year and meant that a lot of retailers actually achieved record sales. But we could all have done without the extra challenges and mass disruption that the pandemic also brought. All we can hope is that this year is better – good vibes only please 2021! And, although we’re still living with Covid

and have the consequences of Brexit to deal with too, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. You can see for yourselves why this year looks positive for the KBB industry in our special focus (pgs 30-35), where we asked a range of industry experts to give their predictions for the KBB industry over the next 12 months and beyond. To my knowledge, none of our experts have a crystal ball but, if their

predictions come true – despite the odd challenge – the KBB sector could well be in for a good year. We’ve decided to kick-start the New Year on a positive by introducing a new monthly columnist who will help us address a long-term issue that’s even bigger than Covid or Brexit – sustainability and the environment. Our climate champion, Richard Hagan, managing director of Rochdale-based Crystal Doors, is a pioneer in this fi eld and each month, he’ll be bringing you tips and advice on how to make your business more sustainable and profi table (page 22). Bath-based bathroom manufacturer Roper Rhodes underwent a big change in September last year when, for the fi rst time in its 40-year history, it appointed a non-Roper family member as managing director. Read our interview with its new MD Leigh Leather as he discusses the challenges of last year and reveals his plans for the brand. Also, a brief reminder that, if you haven’t already sent in your entries for this year’s kbbreview Retail and Design Awards, you only have until February 18 to do so. That’s less than two months, so get entering!

Rebecca Nottingham, editor

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