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Top tips on surviving Ofsted! YPO


Receiving ‘the call’ is one sure way to quickly increase levels of anxiety and even sleepless nights for some teachers. We took to Facebook to ask you what your quick tips are for surviving Ofsted…

Thomas J. Hassall 1. Put the children first. 2. Teach as you would normally. 3. Ignore them (Ofsted that is... not the children!).

Alicia McLearie 1. The kids are the main priority. 2. If things do not go the way you want, keep calm. Things happen. It is a school, and unfortunately you can’t prepare for everything.

3. Don’t deviate too much from what you would normally do, as you will put too much pressure on yourself.

Stacie Banks 1. Prepare your resources the night before so you are organised. You never know when you will get a flat tyre to make you late.

2. Get a good night’s sleep before/during/after they visit. Take some time for yourself so you can relax whether it’s reading a book, having a bubble bath or even treat yourself to a glass of wine.

3. Teach as you would on any other day, putting your children at the centre of what you do and reassure the children about the role of the inspectors and invite them to share all of the hard work that they do each day.

Tracey Louise

1. Dress the part to show I am proud of my school. 2. Stay calm, cool and collected – we know our school, they don’t! 3. Smile, smile, smile – everyone feels better when they see a smile.

Nadia Stanbridge

1. Be confident – look them in the eye. 2. Be yourself – keep to the normal routine.

3. Be ready to share with them anything you feel they should know.

Dan James 1. Keep calm. 2. Remember you are amazing every day and this is just another day. 3. It’s all about the children.

Charlotte Elizabeth Mary 1. Be your amazing self as normal.

2. Bring and enjoy the staff room treats to keep everyone going. 3. Celebrate your hard work afterwards.


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