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Time management tips

Part two

John Harrison Learning and Development Business Partner at YPO

In the last edition, I shared some tips and advice around time management. Here’s part two that looks at more ways you can master your time – give it a go, you might find a technique that really works for you.


So, this is not about forgetting all your work for hours while you engross yourself in Candy Crush or World of Warcraft. Although the principles of why these games are so successful are what we need to tap into for our own productivity.

Games build in complexity but provide the player with the skills and knowledge to develop, to achieve higher levels. Games also reward the player not just with the pride of achievement but also with coins, equipment, stars or extra experience. You can use these principles in managing your workflow and your productivity.

• Break down tasks into achievable goals and focus on what’s important. • Reward yourself when you reach the goal. • Set yourself a stretch target next round. • Celebrate when you succeed or learn from why you didn’t and move on. • Could you include colleagues? Let the competition commence…

See Helen Routledge; Why Games Are Good For Business, Palgrave Macmillan.

Know yourself Stop for a minute… yes please, stop and reflect.

Consider the factors that reduce your productivity and take action as needed. Know when you are at your best, and when your energy is lower. Are you a morning person or mid–day, or afternoon or evening person for that matter? When are you most energised?

Consider planning the tasks that require most of your energy at these times of the day/ week, and adapt your work environment, style and systems accordingly to compensate.

Know when you’re at your best each day/week, when are your times of productivity or slow times – arrange your tasks accordingly – if you’re ultra productive first thing on a morning, organise your day so that your challenging tasks align to your best times.


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