everything curriculum | April 2018

Wands and wizard sticks Magic!

Use your imagination to create a magic wand/wizard stick with natural objects! Write a story/create a storyboard to accompany this. Covers KS1 & KS2 art and crafts, drama and role play.

Things you may need Twigs and sticks | Feathers | Leaves | Fallen flowers | 300020 – Craft Wire 319708 – Barrel Beads | 309848 – Pipe Cleaners | 30199X – Double Knit Wool 322032/301922 – Ribbons | 736732 – YPO Double Sided Sticky Tape

Arts and Crafts

Fieldwork and observational skills Teach basic map reading skills when learning about the local area around your school.

Bring geography outdoors with mapping. Children can work in small groups and gain an understanding of how to orienteer outdoors, observing their surroundings, looking at nature, places of interest and the area they live in.

Things you may need D67798 – Aerial Photo Splashmap | D67799 – OS SplashMap 472654 – Plotting Compass 15mm Diameter Pack of 50


Music and movement Teach about sound and rhythm outside.

Music can be brought to life by using the playground space to join together with singing, dancing and making sound with an instrument! Consider using outdoor objects like plant pots to make a drum or use a plastic bottle and add rice or dried peas to make your own maraca!

Things you may need D93648 – Apple iPad 32GB Wi–Fi | D80008 – Dance and Combo Speaker and Microphone Package 510011 – A Star Egg Maracas | 899046 – Wooden Claves | 795115 – Triangles Pack D90090 – Class Percussion Pack 30 Player


Friendships To support children in being individuals and learning life skills.

Developing life skills is an important part of growing up, where children will face different barriers and learning to trust and be confident in yourself is a key part of this. Becoming a breaktime buddy or a prefect can encourage these key skills and others. These important roles can be represented within school to encourage friendships and build trust.

Things you may need 500014 – YPO Breaktime Buddy Vest | 500015 – YPO Breaktime Buddy Cap 500013 – YPO Breaktime Buddy Sash


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