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Stop for a minute… yes please, stop and reflect.

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No–one can multitask!

I know that I am a man, so I wouldn’t know what multitasking is anyway, however, actually none of us can effectively multitask!

Try this short exercise with your colleagues in your next team meeting. Ask everyone to get a blank piece of paper and a pen…

When you tell them to, ask people to write the letters of MULTITASKING followed by the numbers corresponding to the quantity of letters in the word multitasking (11) (i.e. M U L T I T A S K I N G 1, 2, 3, 4….11).

Ask them to do it in the quickest possible time. Hand up when they are finished – you make a note of the completion times.

Now ask them to write the word MULTITASKING letter by letter, but followed by the corresponding number after each letter i.e. M1, U2, L3 etc. – time them, hands up when they are done. Make a note of the completion times.

Review how long it takes to complete the second task, I would suggest that most people found it harder and longer undertaking the second task. You may even find that some people lose track of the letters/numbers and may even give up!

So plan your tasks one after another, rather than trying to flit between two or three tasks. You will be more efficient and effective that way.

John’s first career was as a PE teacher. He has almost 20 years’ experience working in commercial training departments within both the public and private sector. He’s always been passionate about helping people realise their potential.

His specialisms are management development and leadership, with a focus on helping people to find the best solutions that make a difference to their working lives.

Time management – part three

The final part of our time management series will feature in the next edition, where John will share more advice and tips to help manage your time more effectively.


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