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MARIN offers a wide selection of papers and doctoral theses in the field of hydrodynamics on its website at

The most recent publications include:

Verification and Validation exercises for the flow around the KVLCC2 tanker at model and full-scale Reynolds numbers Pereira, F.S., Eça, L. and Vaz, G., Ocean Engineering, 2017

Current status of manoeuvring prediction methods, their mutual pros and cons and ways to quantify the capabilities Quadvlieg, F.H.H.A., Yücel Odabas


Colloquium Series - 2nd International Meeting Recent Advances in Prediction Techniques for Safe Manoeuvring of Ships and Submarines, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016

Energy Saving by Using Asymmet- ric Aftbodies for Merchant Ships – Design Methodology, Numerical Simulation and Validation Jie Dang (MARIN), Hao Chen (GSI), The Second Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics, 2016

LARSFORUM, June 7-9, London

After the first successful Launch & Recovery ‘LARSFORUM’ at MARIN last year, the next forum will be held at UCL in London between 7-9th of June. In the Launch & Recovery Forum, navies as well as commercial operators, contractors, shipyards, research Institutes and safety authorities share their experiences. Subjects covering the complete lifecycle from concept development to operation are presented and new ideas and development plans are discussed in brainstorming sessions.

For more information on the programme and participating have a look at or contact Frans Kremer,

SAVE THE DATE BlueWeek, October 9-11, Rostock, Germany

After just rounding of the successful session in April, BlueWeek is heading for the autumn session, October 9-12. The event will be hosted by Gicon and University of Rostock. You are again welcome to join seminars, panel discussions and the open forum for new Joint Industry proposals. BlueWeek is an independent, dedicated and free event where the industry, academics and institutions can come together to discuss the latest R&D initiatives, regulations and projects.

See for more information or contact

Blueprint 2050

The maritime world beyond the horizon

Inspired by the centenary of NISS (the national institute for shipping and shipbuilding), over sixty Dutch maritime professionals got together over the past year to discuss the future of the maritime sector. Four working groups brainstormed on future maritime scenarios, ship modes concepts and systems, design and production processes, and maritime domains and innovative developments. As people are not used to looking so far ahead, the meetings were inspirational and dynamic, resulting in new future perspectives for all who participated. The results of the meetings are reflected in the magazine Blueprint 2050, the maritime world beyond the horizon. The magazine (Dutch and English version) can be downloaded from



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