JIPs - sharing experiences and building knowledge

Joint Industry Projects are still one of the most important steps in the development, sharing and application of knowledge. Participants are welcome to join the following initiatives.

BreaKin Wave impact loading on offshore

structures due to BREAKing waves and their KINematics

BreaKin is a joint research initiative addressing wave impact loading on offshore structures due to deepwater BREAKing waves and their KINematics. The objective of the BreaKin JIP is to get more insight into the scale effects involved in wave-in-deck model tests and to link wave kinematics with impact loads.

To quantify loads due to breaking waves, model tests are currently the option of choice. However, it is suspected that scale effects lead to an overestimation of the prototype load- ing, therefore it is important to examine how conservative load measurements are. To understand how realistic model testing is in this respect, it is necessary to quantify scale effects. To do so, model tests on structures at different scales and ambient pressure conditions will be carried out in MARIN’s Depressurized Wave Basin.

The project started in 2016 and is running until spring 2018. Participants currently include MARIN, Statoil, Shell, Aker Solutions, GustoMSC, ConocoPhillips and Maersk Oil.

Contact: Jule Scharnke, GBS

Optimising workability and reducing the cost of GBS installations for the offshore wind industry

When wind turbines are larger and need to be installed in deeper water, a Gravity based structure (GBS) can be a feasi- ble option. To reduce the overall cost of offshore wind energy we need to optimise the workability of the GBS in- stallation process. This requires a better under- standing of the towing and installation of such large concrete structures. This includes aspects like towing stability, tug handling, operational logistics, hydrodynamic response in waves and bottom interaction during the placement.

The objective of the GBS JIP is to improve the engineering methods of the Transport & Installation of gravity based wind turbine foundations. This will lead to more effective and safer operations, with better workability and optimised logistics. The project started late 2016 and is still open for new participants.

Contact: Erik-Jan de Ridder,

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