OTC 2017 May 1-4

Meet us this year at stand 1525-5 within the OTC Dutch Pavilion. And come and join us for the traditional drinks on Tuesday, May 2 at 16.00 hrs.

Low noise tunnel thruster JIP open to

new participants In December 2015 a Joint Industry Project (JIP) started concerning the development of a systematic series of low noise tunnel thrusters: the Wageningen TT-series. The main objective is to develop a method to select and design, as well as to assess the side force performance, vibration excitation and radiated noise of tunnel thrusters (gear or rim driven), whilst also taking into account the effects of the shape of tunnel ends, length, grid bars and local inclination of the ship hull. This method will be delivered in the form of easy-to-apply software that is similar to what has been developed for the Wageningen CD Series JIP.


Industry May 9-11 MARIN will be at the Maritime Industry event held in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. Meet us at stand 569 in the special ‘innovati- estraat/’Innovation Street’. During the event we will make several presentations including those on ‘Binnenvaart5keerbeter’ and ‘Co- VADEM (May 9, 10.00 hrs, Room 1) and during the special ‘Blue Road Event’ (May 10), when they will fo- cus on ‘Bow optimalisation’, ‘Stern optimalisation’ and again CoVADEM.

During 2017, the propeller series will be designed and manufactured. Testing will start late 2017 and is expected to take until spring 2018. The design and assessment software tool will be completed soon after that, meaning that the project is finished in the second half of 2018.

At this moment the JIP has 20 participants but new participants are welcome to join any time. In view of the issues being addressed the JIP is interesting for ship designers, shipyards, ship- owners and operators, equipment designers and manufacturers, classification societies and universities.

For more information or participation see the overview of public JIPs on

OPENRISK Offshore Wind

Energy June 6-8 This year we will also be present at Offshore Wind Energy in London. Visit us at stand S-G10 within the Holland Pavilion of Netherlands Maritime Technology and discuss our renewable activities.

MARIN is involved in the EU-funded project OPENRISK, which kicked off in January. The OPENRISK project will take the first step in developing a joint and fully open method toolbox for risk assessments of spills resulting from maritime accidents. It aims to establish best practices for risk assessments of spills between regional response organisations, as well as EU bodies.

For more information see or contact Yvonne Koldenhof,

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