The World Mycotoxin Forum goes to Asia!

The world leading independent mycotoxin conference – The World Mycotoxin Forum – is spreading its wings and will organise the first Asia edition in January 2020.


he event will be organised by Misset International, the publisher of the international multimedia brand All About Feed, in cooperation with Bastiaanse Com- munication, the creator and organiser of the regular

editions of the World Mycotoxin Forum. All About Feed is al- ready a premium media partner of the World Mycotoxin Fo- rum as of 2004 with editions held in Europe and North Ameri- ca, and has now entered into a strategic cooperation with Bastiaanse Communication to launch the first Asian edition of the event.

One week, two brand new events The first edition of the World Mycotoxin Forum meets Asia – WMFmeetsASIA – will be held in January 2020 in Bangkok, in the same week as the first edition of VIV health & nutrition Asia 2020. The exact day and location of WMFmeetsASIA will be communicated soon. “The cooperation with the estab- lished World Mycotoxin Forum to work on the first Asian edi- tion is very exciting and is fuelled by the demands from the market to share and spread knowledge on mycotoxins in Asia. As a global information player in agriculture we there- fore found an excellent partner in Bastiaanse Communication to organise the first edition in 2020”, explains Roel Leferink, publishing director at Misset. Helena Bastiaanse, managing director at Bastiaanse Communication, adds that “partnering with Misset strengthens the position of the World Mycotoxin Forum as a truly global and independent platform to discuss strategies for tackling the mycotoxin challenge”.

Mycotoxins: A key topic in Asia Mycotoxins that contaminate crops and animal feed have been recognised as a risk to farm animals and humans, and account for considerable economic costs to the feed and food industries. With the growing livestock and aquaculture

sectors in Asia, the need to have effective mycotoxin strate- gies in Asia is becoming a key topic for nutritionists, veteri- narians, researchers, raw material handlers and all players in the agro-food chain. “The aim of the new mycotoxin event in Asia is therefore to increase the awareness of human and animal health risks due to mycotoxin contamination and to focus on specific issues that Asian livestock and feed produc- ers face. I am therefore looking forward to bring together professionals at such a high-quality scientific event in Bang- kok to spread the latest knowledge on prevention and solu- tions of this prudent problem”, explains Emmy Koeleman, edi- tor in chief for All About Feed. The event also offers a platform for the food and feed industry, science and regulatory author- ities to exchange current knowledge, to promote harmonisa- tion of food and feed safety regulations and control proce- dures, and to make recommendations for integrated strategies ensuring the safety and security of food and feed supply chains. High-quality speakers, ample time for discus- sions, and every opportunity to establish rewarding contacts are values WMFmeetsASIA wants to uphold.

Becoming a sponsor For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact Bart Lukassen, account manager WMFmeetsAsia by email: or by phone: +31 (0) 619 918 095. For general questions about the event, please con- tact event manager Camille Janssen by email: camille. or by phone: +31 (0) 314 349 883. More information about the event can be found on

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