Research demonstrates that spray-dried porcine plasma is a safe ingredi- ent for use in swine diets.

environments and mild temperatures. In addition, the mini- mum 14-d post-processing storage time allows for more time for tracking of farm origin raw material in the event of a new OIE list disease outbreak in a region where animal blood is being collected. Collectively, SDPP and other spray-dried blood derivatives produced by EAPA and NASDBPP members globally are aligned with the WHO guidelines providing sev- eral independent features that assure that the final products are safe from pathogens of concern for the swine industry, including ASF virus.

Good farm biosecurity Maintaining good farm biosecurity practices is the primary method for reducing risk of an OIE listed disease. Good biose- curity practices implemented by spray dried plasma producers include collecting blood only from authorised slaughterhouses under veterinarian supervision of the competent authorities, transporting in exclusive trucks, cleaning and disinfecting trucks wheels, allowing only permitted personnel at the manu- facturing plants, cleaning all the systems at established time points and a good traceability of the incoming raw material and the destination of the final products. The whole process from the time the blood is collected from the animal to the fi- nal packed product is conducted in closed circuits that avoid

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external contamination with any tissue or external material. Most OIE listed diseases are transmitted primarily by animal to animal contact, transport vehicles (pig movement), people or other vectors. Recent studies using a simulation model of transboundary transport of various feed or feed ingredients in- oculated with a variety of swine viruses have demonstrated that some viruses can survive for up to 180 days in certain feed ingredients like conventional soybean meal. Scientifically based recommendations support the use of highly nutritional and functional porcine products in feed for swine. There is well reported peer-reviewed science behind the claims for safety of these products for numerous patho- gens affecting the swine industry, including ASFv.

Enhancing performance, reducing mortality In short, research demonstrates that spray-dried porcine plas- ma is a safe ingredient for use in swine diets, especially around weaning and during various pathogen stress events. Spray-dried plasma use in feed provides value by enhancing pig performance and health to reduce mortality and morbidi- ty and is a good consistent alternative to reduce reliance on antibiotics and zinc oxide used as growth promoters.

References available on request to the authors.


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