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WHAT’S NEW? Vero Water System Makes A

Big Splash In a move to offer delegates a cost-effective, high quality and eco-friendly alternative to bottled mineral water, Cloth Hall Court by Well Met has invested in a Vero Water on-site purified drinking water system in the brand new dedicated conference venue.

Cloth Hall Court has undergone a £4.5m refurbishment to transform it into a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Leeds, with 10 distinctive rooms across four floors, hosting conferences, meetings and events for up to 300 delegates.

Richard Mangan, Resource Officer at Leeds Beckett University, explained why they chose the Vero Water system for Cloth Hall Court: “We compared a number of drinking water machines on the market and Vero proved to be the best choice for us in terms of quality, cost savings and a practically zero waste alternative to buying in expensive pre-bottled water.

“We were very impressed by the quality of the water from the Vero machine, it has a crisp refreshing

BSRIA at Smart Buildings

Show 2017 BSRIA is speaking, exhibiting and supporting the Smart Buildings Show 2017, taking place 8th-9th November at the Barbican, London.

BSRIA's expert speaker is Henry Lawson, Senior Market Research Consultant in BSRIA’s World Market Intelligence division. Henry specialises in smart building solutions and energy solutions and will speak on Wednesday 8th November.

Henry will be presenting 'From the Smart Building to the Wise Building' which will look at how building automation systems are changing and being challenged and at the dramatic growth in the smart homes market, as well as more specialised areas including Building Energy Management (BEMS) and the newly emerging revolution in Smart Connected HVAC systems.

taste that is just as good as any branded bottled water. The system connects directly to the mains water supply and we very much liked the re- usable and machine-washable Vero glass bottles. Their design stood out as something unique on the market and they are very much in keeping with our stylish new venue.

“From an environmental standpoint, the Vero system means we don’t have to send thousands of plastic bottles for recycling every year,

His areas of specialist knowledge include conducting recent detailed research into smart homes, building automation, building energy management (BEMS) and hydronic controls.

Henry holds an MA from the University of Oxford and has worked for a number of international organisations in a marketing, product management and market research capacity. A common theme has been a focus on data and analytics, which is also increasing at the heart of building services and smart buildings.

Henry said: “The smart building is already upon us. In 2016 the global market for automated and smart building services was worth over 30 billion US dollars. This is having a massive impact on the way buildings are designed and commissioned and how we use

which also slashes our waste management costs.”

Ian Baragwanath, Vero Water UK Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that Leeds Beckett has invested in one of our machines. Vero systems make sound financial and environmental sense, because they offer a simple way for venues to be self sufficient without having to compromise on quality.” them and experience them

All of this means that the Smart Building is evolving into the Wise Building. The wise building is in constant touch with its occupants and the wider world. It moves beyond smart programming and even basic decision making to ‘remember’ and ‘learn’ how to provide the best, most comfortable and most productive environment.”

John Hatcher, Conference Director, said: "This is the most exciting smart buildings event to take place in the UK and we are pleased to be launching it at The Barbican, London. We will be bringing together technology vendors and suppliers with FMs, senior leadership teams and building owners under one roof and showcasing the possibilities of smart buildings." TOMORROW’S FM | 21

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