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What I Learnt

This Month Liz Kentish

I see a lot of posts on LinkedIn these days about dismissal of staff, who perhaps were deserving of a second chance, which set me to thinking about a story my dad once told me.

CH&Co Offer Environmentally-

friendly ‘Wine in a Can’ This summer, CH&Co Group became the first contract caterer to introduce ‘Wine in a Can’ to its UK visitor attraction sites.

CH&Co Group is now serving wine in this sustainable packaging at ZSL London Zoo, Wakehurst Place, Tower of London, Elstree Studios, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Birmingham Botanical Gardens through its specialist commercial business, Ampersand.

The initiative originated as a direct response to ZSL’s aim to become single-use plastic bottle free, thus providing beverages including wine to visitors at ZSL London Zoo without the use of plastics or glass.

Working with its wine supplier partner, Jascots Wine Merchants, CH&Co Group sourced the environmentally-friendly ‘Wine in a Can’ product, which is now being exclusively supplied in the UK to the contract catering group.

‘Wine in a Can’, by Winestar, is a high-quality wine served in 100% recyclable cans, featuring a unique technology that guarantees the preservation of the quality of the wine in the can, for optimum freshness.

It is available in Appellation d’Origine Controllée Corbières red, white and rosé varieties, in single-serve cans of 187ml, the equivalent of one glass of wine.

Katie Deem, Senior Category Manager for CH&Co Group, said: “ZSL is a champion of #OneLess, which is driving change to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans and ZSL London Zoo is aiming to be plastic-free site by the end of the year. When we were asked to find a solution to serving wine that also didn’t involve the obvious hazards of glass, we were more than happy to accept the challenge.

“We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously and we’re thrilled to be leading the way in introducing this high-quality, environmentally-friendly solution to UK day-visitor catering sites.”

Miles MacInnes, Managing Partner at Jascots Wine Merchants, explained: “We see huge potential for wine in cans in the future, as long as it’s high quality like these are. The environmental benefits are clear due to the much lighter weight and easier recyclability of can compared to glass and plastic bottles.”

In the 1970s my dad worked for a motor manufacturer in various guises. As a director he had responsibility for sales figures and had a graduate working with him.

One day this graduate confessed to a mistake that would likely cost the business thousands. My dad asked him what he had learned from this and they discussed it well into the evening. The next morning he updated the rest of the Board and explained that no action was going to be taken against the graduate; they were understandably shocked and called for the graduate to be sacked. My dad stood his ground, stating that the responsibility lay with him.

In 1990, a year into early retirement, my dad died. There was a funeral, then a memorial service at Coventry Cathedral. Both were standing room only. I found out a lot about my dad that day, but I can recall one conversation, word for word.

Steve, the graduate, introduced himself to me. Steve told me how my dad had supported him and went on to mentor him throughout his career. As the now MD of another company, Steve told me how he led his team, and told all new starters about the second chance my dad had given him.

A second chance could be invaluable to an employee and your business.


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