“We have a

responsibility to ensure that our practices don’t

negatively impact the health of our world.”

New year’s resolution

Trudi Osborne, Marketing Manager at Airdri, shares her top tips on how to make our 2020 green resolutions a reality.

As we ring in the new year and welcome 2020, many of our thoughts will turn to resolutions and how we can improve ourselves and our future prosperity. environment-reaches-record-high

From leading a healthier lifestyle to taking up a new hobby, we commit ourselves to making positive changes. When it comes to business, this should be no different. And the theme at the top of our 2020 agenda is, once again, sustainability.

Public concern around the environment has reached fever pitch, with recent YouGov data citing climate change as the third most pressing issue facing the nation. Personally and professionally, we have a responsibility to ensure our practices don’t negatively impact the health of our world.

For the cleaning and hygiene sector, this is even more pertinent. As an industry that constantly uses natural resources and produces carbon emissions through manufacturing processes and product use, we really must consider the knock-on effect that we have on our wider surroundings.

When it comes to the washroom, there are multiple eco challenges to consider, from the chemicals used in cleaning the facility, to the toilet tissue used in dispensers. Take paper towels for example: although they do not require energy to deliver an effective dry, they do result in high levels of waste when people dispense more than necessary, and need constant replenishment.

The process of converting trees into the end product also comes with a high cost to our planet’s forests, whilst the emissions created during shipping, and those released when a paper towel decomposes in landfill, are concerning.


As a hand drying solution, paper towels don’t tick the sustainable box in my opinion. Some may look at hand dryers and think the same. Surely the energy consumption of a high-speed jet dryer must also have a significant impact on the environment? Of course, a hand dryer requires energy to power it, but the manufacturing process and longevity of the product deliver far superior eco-results.

Some hand dryers on the market offer low energy consumption, whilst delivering an effective dry. Look for a dryer that has achieved the GreenSpec status for using less than 1000 watts. Both our Quantum and Quazar models have this seal of approval. In fact, the Quantum is the lowest energy consumption unit in the world, emitting just 200 watts.

Also keep in mind the durability of the dryer, which will not only keep running costs to a minimum but will also reduce the number of machines sent to landfill. We have spent the past four decades improving the lifespan of our machines by eliminating problems relating to the wear and tear of motor brushes. Using the latest motor technology, our dryers last six times longer than other similar, fast dry models, with a lifespan of around 6000 hours. Our Quantum jet dryer goes even further, performing time and time again over 10,000 hours.

Going green has been a priority for Airdri for the past 45 years. For over four decades we have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing some of the greenest hand dryers on the market, and as we enter a new year with new business goals, our commitment to safeguarding our planet is stronger than ever.


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