and efficiency will be of paramount importance since most motorists will barely notice the washroom décor. However, they may well be unpleasantly surprised if their journey time is lengthened on account of a queue in the washroom or because they had to waste valuable seconds hunting for a cubicle with toilet paper.

Service station toilets should therefore be both highly functional and efficiently run. Outer partitions in place of doors will help to minimise the risk of logjams and allow for a continuous throughput of people, while long- lasting supplies of soap, hand towels and toilet tissue will prevent any breaks in service.

Frills such as hand creams and flowers would be wasted in a service station washroom since visitors will be unlikely to linger long enough to appreciate such touches. However, these are just the type of extras that might impress a restaurant diner since the washrooms here will form part of the overall experience, and serve to enhance the venue’s brand values. Plush surroundings, comfortable sofas, luxurious soaps and ultra-soft towels will often be supplied and the attractively-appointed surroundings may be noted, photographed and shared on social media – entertaining the visitor’s contacts while also creating free publicity for the restaurant.

Office washrooms have a rather different function since their main role is to provide staff with a comfortable environment in which to take a break. Since the same employees will be using the washroom every day, it is easier to predict the washroom traffic here than in other facilities. The visitor profile, too, will remain largely unchanged from one week to the next which means that the décor, dispensing systems and ‘extras’ may be adapted to suit the washroom users and the frequency of use. Since visitors to the office may also be using the washrooms, these should be comfortable, pleasant spaces that create a business-like impression.


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It is important to regularly change the air freshener in an office washroom to prevent the issue of ‘fragrance fatigue’. This can occur when people using the same washroom become over-exposed to a particular aroma and cease to notice it.

The role of a healthcare washroom is much more functional and pragmatic. General-use hospital toilets are places where people go to collect urine samples; wash away blood from an injury – and even to have a good cry after receiving bad news. These facilities should be pleasant and inviting while all systems and fixtures should be designed to prevent cross- contamination.

Different challenges exist in stadiums where large numbers of sports fans or festival goers are all likely to want to use the washrooms at once: in amusement parks where the toilets are scattered far and wide around the venue, and in retail centres where the washrooms need to facilitate shoppers comfortably while also maximising the time they spend on the shop floor.

So, what type of systems work best in each type of washroom? Office workers and shoppers will feel valued if their washrooms are equipped with soft toilet paper and hand towels, plus the high end Tork Luxury Foam Soap. Tork Matic Soft hand towels – attractively embossed with a leaf – are a good choice for both office washrooms and retail centres. These can be teamed with Tork Extra Soft Coreless Mid Size Toilet Roll Premium which has a high brightness and is also embossed.

In busy service stations and stadiums, it is important to avoid the logjams that can result from a slow hand- drying system. Tork PeakServe works well here since the dispenser caters for over 1,000 washroom visitors between refills – 600 more than most other dispensers. The fact that each towel is delivered within three seconds means the user can take a towel and then move on while the continuous roll delivery means the unit will never jam.

Particularly suitable for high-end restaurants is the Tork Image Design Line of dispensers. These are made from brushed stainless steel and have a sleek black trim to create an impression of luxury. Included in the range is a Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser; a Mini Jumbo toilet paper dispenser and a touch-free Tork Foam Soap dispenser.

Healthcare washrooms need to be equipped with long- lasting systems that are accessible and easy to use for patients and visitors while also helping to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. Both the Tork Matic Hand Towel Roll and Tork PeakServe work well in healthcare since the dispensers ensure a long-lasting supply, and give out only one sheet at a time to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

Also ideal for the healthcare sector are Tork Foam Soaps since they are quick to lather and are housed in a dispenser that is particularly easy to use, even for people with low hand strength.

In large, high traffic facilities such as amusement parks, a continuous supply of soap, paper and appropriate cleaning schedules will be assured with the installation of Tork EasyCube. This removes the need for guesswork since the sensors inside ‘connected’ environments will alert the maintenance staff immediately via a smartphone or tablet when a dispenser is running low, or when a facility is experiencing particularly heavy traffic. This makes it easier for staff to maintain sites where the washrooms are widely spread out.

When designing a washroom, it is therefore important to ascertain the main priorities of its visitors. Once their needs have been correctly identified, everything else will fall into place and it will become easy to plan, equip and supply the facilities to suit the people who matter most – the end-users. WASHROOM HYGIENE | 33

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