PREMIUM TILE GROUT A new premium tile fixing grout by Weber joins a comprehensive range of tile prep-fix-set and joint products that are designed for specifiers and professional tile applicators. New weberjoint premium tile grout offers market leading benefits and features that will achieve a high- quality finish, beautiful aesthetics and long-lasting performance.

weberjoint premium is a scratch- resistant, extra-flexible tile grout designed for interior and exterior tiling onto walls and floors and where some movement or vibration is expected. Suitable for all types of tiles – ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, quarry, natural stone, terrazzo and terracotta – weberjoint premium can be used for wooden floors and is recommended for floors with underfloor heating or undertile warming.

“This excellent, professional-standard grout is water repellent and has the


AT CYBERARK London-based workplace design and build specialist, CSK Projects has specified high-performance carpet tiles from modulyss to deliver global leader in privileged access security, CyberArk, an office with a modern and fun look that inspires employees.

Combining New Shapes and various colours of the structured loop pile First Absolute quality, the team at

additional advantage of Weber’s new PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology. This unique feature reduces the appearance of patchiness and greatly improves resistance to staining and discolouration,” says Tracey Dempster, head of marketing, Saint-Gobain Weber. “weberjoint premium also benefits from the addition of Mould Stop Technology which offers lasting protection from mould growth making it ideal for use in wet or damp environments.

“But we haven’t introduced this product for the sake of it, rather because our customers said they want it. weberjoint premium is the result of working with key customers who have completed surveys, interviews, tests and trials and ultimately told us what they really want. And now, with their help, we have a superior grout that our customers will love.”

A cement-based grout, weberjoint premium has rapid-setting qualities of just two hours following application, is easy to apply and suitable for joint widths of 1–20mm. It achieves a smooth, durable and efflorescence-

CSK Projects have delivered a floor layout that uses colour and shape to define areas and play a role in creating improving acoustics.

Elvina Petrenaitr-Kartane, Design Manager, CSK Projects: “We wanted to use a combination of plank formats and a series of colours to create a layout that distinguished different office areas over two floors, but we also wanted consistency in the texture and pattern of the carpet. The New Shapes concept in First Absolute gave us exactly what we were looking for – colour and shape flexibility with a universal pattern and

resistant finish that stays looking great for longer. Available in an extended range of 18 colours with matching silicones, together they achieve a consistent finish and smart aesthetic. The performance and qualities of weberjoint premium are likely to appeal to the specification and building design sector.

consistent performance right across the space.”

First Absolute is a high-performance structured loop-pile carpet tile with tonal variations for a subtle, modern effect. Well-suited to intensive office use such as the CAT A space occupied by CyberArk, First Absolute is available in a wide range of functional colours, with CSK Projects selecting a grey and blue palette for the office space.

Made from 100% solution-dyed polyamide, First Absolute is fade- resistant and so ideal for the demands of a busy office. The inherent noise reducing property of carpet tiles also helped CSK Projects to deliver on the requirement for a floor to improve acoustics in open plan office spaces and meeting rooms.

By using the varying plank and tile formats of New Shapes, CSK Projects has succeeded in creating the modern and fun look it wanted for CyberArk, while the performance of the First Absolute quality will ensure an office floor that remains looking good. PRODUCTS & SERVICES | 47

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