MAKE AN IMPRESSION If you’re looking for a flooring solution that features the latest technology with on-trend

decors and is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors, look no further than EGGER PRO Design Flooring.

All of the boards in the PRO Design range are 5mm thick, and have a R10 rated anti-slip texture. The thickness of the board makes them easy to install and they work well alongside underfloor heating systems.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY As 70% of EGGER PRO Design Flooring is made from natural wood fibres, it is more environmentally friendly than other primarily plastic-based flooring products on the market. It is 100% PVC and plasticisers free, which benefits the environment and helps to promote clean indoor living.

TREND-LED DECORS Design experts at EGGER have travelled round the world to source the latest texture and decor trends as inspiration for the PRO Design range. The decors are almost indistinguishable from the original material, providing an upmarket look and feel. Available in 21 woodgrains and five tile decors, there is plenty of choice when choosing flooring for a specific interior. They are all available in a large board format (1295 x 243mm x 5mm).

Thermo-stable, PVC free and water-resistant, EGGER PRO Design Flooring provides a reliable and robust surface in the latest material and woodgrain decors to give an authentic finish.

EGGER’s innovative collection of 26 PRO Design decors features self-repair and micro-scratch resistant technology, providing a long-lasting, mark-free floor that will recover from impressions made by furniture, high-heeled shoes and falling objects. This makes the flooring well suited to areas that receive intensive use in both commercial and residential applications.

Craig James, UK Sales Manager for EGGER Flooring Products, said: “EGGER PRO Design Flooring has benefits for the retailer, installer and customer as it is a durable, easy-to- install, high-quality floor. It can also withstand temperature fluctuations and is resistant to water, making it a reliable solution across many different areas.”


HIGH FUNCTIONALITY EGGER PRO Design Flooring has a very compact product composition made up of a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) surface with an integrated decor, a high density and double sealed UWF coreboard (Ultra Wood Fibre Board) and a water- resistant high-end balancer.

The TPU layer gives the floor a special memory function (self- repair) and contributes to the scratch resistance of the board to keep the floor looking good for longer. A combination of the UWF coreboard and the high-end balancer makes the floor water resistant and thermo-stable, which prevents warping if the floor gets wet or if environmental conditions change.


QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION PRO Design boards are installed using UNIfit!. This is 40% faster than other systems due to EGGER’s flexible and floating installation technology. No tools are required and multiple installers can work simultaneously in one room. As well as saving time and money the UNIfit! click system has a very sturdy connection and is easy to install around doors, pipes and radiators.


→ EGGER PRO Design Flooring comprises 26 decors across woodgrains and materials.

→ EGGER PRO Design Flooring features Self Repair, Thermo-stable, and water-resistant technology. It provides a reliable and robust surface in the latest material and woodgrain decors to give an authentic finish.

→ EGGER PRO Design Flooring is installed using UNIfit!, which is 40% faster than other systems.

EGGER LIFETIME GUARANTEE EGGER PRO Design Flooring is a high-quality, resilient and functional product with a lifetime guarantee that covers residential use for 25 years and commercial use for five years. This gives reassurance and peace of mind to both the installer and the customer.

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