TREND FORECAST Reflect is one of the defining themes shaping colour in commercial interiors, as revealed in the Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019.

Compiled in collaboration with trend expert Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, a leading fashion, textiles and material agency, the Global Colour Trend Forecast looks at how colour will impact commercial spaces in the coming years. Presenting Reflect alongside three other key themes of Play, Primal and Grow; the forecast is now in its fifth edition, available in hardcopy and digital download from

Through an overarching concept of wellness, Anne Marie Commandeur has explored how our senses are stimulated with colours that capture light and how they manipulate the perception of materials and space within interiors. Inspired by digital stories, video games, sci-fi utopias and the opportunities present in virtual reality; a palette dominated


GREAT VINYL LOOKS Vinyl flooring is a popular choice in commercial and public buildings for its durability and ease of maintenance. With Itec Contract Floors made by IVC, the floor’s impressive performance characteristics can be added to with a more authentic natural effect, or a seamless looking architectural finish.

by blue and green sees the influence of light on colour, and vice-versa, through macro-themes include flux, ombré, manipulative and linear.

The Reflect palette is found within INVISTA Antron Lumena carpet fibre, now featuring 19 new colours driven by the results of the forecast. With more than 200 different stain-resistant and fade-resistant colour options, Antron Lumena includes metallic shades in mineral, silver and granite through to vibrant flashes of fuscia, oceanside and citron. Antron Lumena carpet fibre provides carpets with permanent colour through a solution-dyed multi-hollow yarn. With rich and vivid colour, standing up to wear and easy to maintain; Antron Lumena carpet fibre is used in some of the world’s most exclusive carpet designs and performs faultlessly in busy commercial spaces.

No matter what the look, Itec Contract Floors can be installed with an imperceptible join using Invisiweld. Unlike conventional hot weld that uses a rod of colour-matched material, Invisiweld uses a chemical bond to fuse sheets together. Not only are the seams less visible this way, but also stronger.

With wood effects, such as those in the Concept Woods collection, Invisiweld makes for a more natural looking floor, an effect particularly pronounced with the range’s new T-emboss technology for a more matt surface. In architectural looks found in collections like Concept Ultimate, Invisiweld gives a more uniform appearance and a seamless look right across the floor.

All floors from Itec are also available in two and four-metre widths, the latter perfect for large congregation areas and thoroughfares in buildings such as student accommodation blocks, social care and education. Reducing the number of seams across large areas


in four-metre, or reducing waste in corridors and rooms in two-metre, Itec vinyl flooring can deliver a unified look throughout the building.

In Silento Timber this unified look can also help to combat noise. Thanks to a specially developed acoustic backing, Silento Timber can reduce impact sound by up to 18dB. Recently updated to share the same T-emboss technology found on Concept Woods, the range features sharper clarity and a matt look for improved authenticity.

With Hyperguard+, all floors in the Itec collection are protected from dirt and stains and remain easy to care throughout their lifetime without any specialist care. The permanent polyurethane treatment makes floors such as Concept Woods and Silento Timber ideal in buildings where specialist cleaning schedules and intensive maintenance are not regularly achievable.

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