11-12 APRIL 18 A10

Networking Café


G01 Lavorwash 6x3 A11 Ezit Tracker 4x3

SHOW 2018 C21 Hygiene BIFM 3x3

A12 A13 A14 BCC

3x3 6x3

Networking Seating




Floorbrite Cleaning Facilities Services



3x6 E01 Greyland 3x6

A02 Buckeye

International 3x6 D01 3x6 A01 Astley Hire 3x4 C01 Karcher Karcher EZITRACKER

Signature Aromas

G02 G09

UHUB 3x3 F03 F09 3x3

G03 G04 G08 G07

BPCA 3x3

Worldwide Cleaning Support

3x3 RBL 3x3

Insuraclean 3x3


G10 G15

4x3 Sure Chem 3x3 Spinaclean F07

Kennedy Hygiene

F10 Viper

F20 6x3 6x3

Arrow County

The Hygiene Company

Nexon Group

Blue Rock Systems

F21 F26

3x3 3x3 4x3

F22 F25


Oxygen Power

E02 E03

Bona Systems e B01 Vaclensa

OspreyDeep Clean

A40 3x3 A39 Sprintus 6x9 3x5



A11 Ezitracker provides end-to-end, web- based, remote workforce management solutions which benefit a diverse range of industry sectors including commercial cleaning, facilities management, security and temporary employment.

3x3 3x6

E05 The


Supplies House

E10 Killis

6x6 3x6

E20 E21

3x3 3x6

D09 D16

9x6 9x6 British Bins Prochem

D15 D14 D10

Decitex 3x3

C10 Nilfisk

Rotowash 3x3

C14 C11

9x6 B10 TC Cleaning 6x6

B15 Bunzl

Sebo 3x3 Skillweb 3x3 Templa 3x3

Dual Pumps Access Industries 3x3

C20 C27

Goizper 3x3

B21 B20

Lifterz 7x3 VDM 6x6

B11 B12 Battery


Enquiries: Vanessa VanSanten-Smith +44 1737 855041 • Michelle Andrews +44 1737 855086 WWW.CLEANINGSHOW.CO.UK/MANCHESTER

Ezitracker forms part of HAS Technology Group’s comprehensive portfolio of award winning products used to deliver operational efficiencies, increase service quality and safeguard remote workers.

Anglian Chemicals


Service Hub 3x3

4x3 2x3 4x6 6.5x6 A37

Window Cleaning Competition

6x3 Booked Stand A35

Samulations 3x3

A34 Telelog

3x3 Provisional Stand Available Stand

Customers benefit from significant cost savings through use of unique and patented technologies; a market leading service continuity and scalability; seamless integration with other software solutions; and continuous product innovation from industry- leading research and development.


A32 Following its success at London’s Cleaning Show last year, the Jangro Bus is back on tour in 2018. Its first destination will be Stand A32 at the Manchester Cleaning Show, Event City.

Jangro, the network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland, will welcome visitors to its stand with a barista service on board the bus and sweet treats to enjoy in its ‘country-style garden’ at the event (register for your voucher here Other highlights include details of its sustainable cleaning ranges and an opportunity to discuss the exceptional customer benefits with the national accounts team.

Jangro will be demonstrating its range of products and supplies, including the newly launched Toilet & Descaler sachets. Used together with refillable bottles, these sachets can make a huge difference to the number of plastic bottles used and disposed

Ezitracker enables you to automate key operations and improve workforce productivity. From verifying attendance in real-time and eliminating timesheets, to streamlining payroll reporting, the solution gives you the power to substantially increase customer satisfaction, rapidly gain competitive advantage, and win more business fast.

Ezitracker has an unrivalled track record in helping FM companies

cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase tender bid success rate, accurately measure contract profitability, and deliver a real competitive advantage. For more information on how to remotely transform the management of your workforce and demonstrate real quantifiable results for winning public sector contracts visit stand A11 at the Manchester Cleaning Show 2018.

Networking Café

B18 Connected 6x6

B19 P-Wave

B23 Makita

C21 C26

U Cloth 3x3 6x3

D20 D27

3x3 E22 Motor Scrubber 6x3 Shorrock Trichem 9x3 Jet Wash 6x3 Denis Rawlins

D22 D25

Alpha D23 Bayersan Consumables

3x3 3x3

4x6 6x3 C25 3x3

C23 C24


Bio-Pro Research


Advanced HPC Healthline Mopping

4x3 B22

Lincoln Cleaning

3.5x3 6x10 A31

Cleaning Warehouse


A32 Jangro

3x5 Morclean A30

E24 Arco

4x3 3x5 A27 Moerman Cromwell Polythene 7x3

F23 F24


Host Von Schrader


Anderson Electrical


Cleanlink Software

3x4 Equipmart A22 3x6

A26 Atrium

G11 G12 3x3 G13

G14 GermXit BioVation 4x2

Conference Area

of per year, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic waste.

Also being showcased is the Enviro range – a concentrated cleaning product variety which aims to reduce users’ carbon footprints. There will also be a sneak preview of some exciting improvements to come in 2018, and Jangro’s dedicated national accounts team will be on the stand to answer any questions and offer help and advice.

Joanne Gilliard, Operations Director at Jangro commented: “We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Manchester Cleaning Show, and look forward


to welcoming visitors to the Jangro Bus! Our stand this year will be extremely engaging, informative, and our bus will offer an ideal opportunity to network and share ideas over a coffee.”



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