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Floorbrite Cleaning Facilities Services



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Worldwide Cleaning Support

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Oxygen Power

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A14 The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) will spread the word about its Accreditation Schemes at the Manchester Cleaning Show, joining the British Cleaning Council (BCC) on its stand.

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Supplies House

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Goizper 3x3 Key:

Enquiries: Vanessa VanSanten-Smith +44 1737 855041 • Michelle Andrews +44 1737 855086 WWW.CLEANINGSHOW.CO.UK/MANCHESTER

Stephen Harrison, CHSA Chairman, said: “Our focus is on driving up and maintaining standards in the industry. We’re delighted, therefore, to join the BCC at the Manchester Cleaning Show. It is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about our respected Accreditation Schemes to those who use cleaning and hygiene products as well as those who sell them.”

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Window Cleaning Competition

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Networking Café


C14 At the Manchester Cleaning Show, Templa will be showcasing various new features of its management software, each representing a hands-on solution to a real challenge encountered by cleaning contractors.

Special Works Teams Management helps contractors who manage a significant volume of planned periodic work or ad hoc client requests using their own internal van fleet and specialist operatives. Resource allocation is fully optimised using a calendar-based scheduling tool which sends each job to an operative’s mobile device at the start of each working period. The functionality includes integrated employee pay and automated client billing.

Standard 2-Way T&A Integration provides single point of data entry with real-time data exchange from a full range of on-site hardware technologies covering biometric and one-time password devices, through to a mobile app or SIM and client phones.

Roster Management provides field managers with a drag and drop, calendar-based resource planning tool. It allows the planning of cover quickly

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Bio-Pro Research


Advanced HPC Healthline Mopping

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Lincoln Cleaning

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Buyers of cleaning and hygiene products which carry the CHSA Accreditation Scheme marque can be confident ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’. Those selling products stamped with the CHSA Accreditation Scheme marque are offering their customers products which are uniquely underwritten by an independent inspection process.

As well as being invited to join the relevant Accreditation Scheme, all members of the CHSA have to sign

E24 Arco

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Host Von Schrader


Anderson Electrical


Cleanlink Software

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G14 GermXit BioVation 4x2

Conference Area

The CHSA operates Accreditation Schemes for distributors and for manufacturers of soft tissue, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops, each of which is supported by a rigorous and independent auditing process.

the Association’s stringent Code of Practice.

Gaining admittance to one of the CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes is challenging. Applicants must pass the initial audit of their product range and existing quality assurance processes conducted by the CHSA’s independent inspector. They are then audited frequently throughout the first year to ensure they maintain the standard that is required of them to maintain membership of one of the Schemes. Thereafter members are visited by the Independent Inspector repeatedly through each year, product being selected from both the warehouse and production line for inspection.

and easily, with any changes made to an employee’s schedule automatically updating all affected timesheets – current and future.

Advanced Forms enables the design of bespoke electronic forms, e.g. employee new starter forms, which can be completed on a field manager’s mobile device before automatically synchronising with the central database, entering workflow for approval or action, and automating the creation of new records.

Advanced Workbills improves profit reporting of periodic or special works by making provision for accrued


revenues and costs, as well as accurately allocating materials usage on jobs where they are used. This results in precise budget versus actual spend comparison and a discrete P&L report for each job.

Franchise Network Support helps centralised cleaning franchisors manage their distributed franchisees’ access to relevant elements of the software. It takes care of data security and discrete processing, yet offers overarching franchisor management and reporting.



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