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As the cleaning industry relies heavily on migrant labour, Tobias Batkin, Managing Director of Bespoke Cleaning, will also be looking at the potential fallout from Brexit. He will be introducing some potentially innovative solutions to help plug the gap in a presentation entitled ‘Redefining entry level jobs – how the cleaning industry can lead post-Brexit’.

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Tobias commented: “Almost two years on from the infamous vote, the British public is still none the wiser as to where the Brexit journey will lead them. In my seminar I will explore one near certainty: Brexit, whether soft, hard, or medium boiled, will result in reduced immigration. With the right support from government and the industry at large, cleaning companies might just have a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn public perception of their sector on its head.”

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Networking Café

Another presentation will be given by Richard Bond, from Manchester-based PR agency SKV Communications. Richard leads on the British Cleaning Council’s media relations and will be giving a talk called ‘Getting your message across’, which will focus on effective business to business communications.

Richard said: “Two years ago SKV pitched BBC Breakfast to look at covering The Cleaning Show and ended up with Steph McGovern coming along for a live morning broadcast. But while securing national broadcast coverage is fantastic, I’ll be talking about how cleaning firms can work their trade PR opportunities a bit harder on a day-to-day basis.

“I’ll also be sharing some insights I’ve gained working across a number of different B2B sectors over the last 20 years, and will be passing on a few tips regarding how you can maximise your communications in both traditional and social media.”

Another business returning to exhibit at the Event City venue is cleaning equipment specialists T.L. Killis, from Sheffield. Managing Director, Tibor Killis, said: “Since we last attended The Manchester Cleaning Show in 2016, Killis has been very busy extending its product range and securing contracts with suppliers who are also committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

“For example, we have developed a larger version of our award winning iMop and have created a battery powered iGum chewing gum removal cleaner. There will also be our new C5 battery powered vacuum cleaner on display, and we will be demonstrating how all of these pieces of kit can be powered using the same charging system.

“Manchester will also see us revealing more details of our recent partnership with the Canadian-based sanitation specialists Tersano Lotus Pro, who are global leaders in smart sanitation systems.

“Visitors to our stand will be able to find more about their incredible breakthroughs in the production of stabilised aqueous ozone (SAO), which the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean. They can also try out the iClean mini Tersano Unit which we recently launched.”

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Exhibitors returning to Manchester after the show’s successful 2016 debut include Manchester-based Floorbrite Cleaning & Facilities Services. Floorbrite’s Marketing Director Nina Wyers said: “In its debut year in 2016 our experience surpassed our expectations. Our stand with a seven-strong team struggled to cope with demand at times but it was a great opportunity to reinforce new and existing client and supplier relationships and to showcase our full portfolio of services.”




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