This is your chance to pick a winner from a comprehensive list of the professional cleaning industry’s finest products and very best services.

The cleaning industry has been awaiting this moment for months, but it’s finally here: the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2020 are now open.

Returning for the ninth year, the TC Awards are a celebration of just a small selection of the best products and services that have graced the industry and made it into the pages of our magazine over the past 12 months, regardless of whether they’re innovative new product launches or services, or reliable favourites built on a reputation of success that have stood the test of time.

Following weeks of deliberations, we’ve managed to narrow down a massive list of entries to the impressive finalists that you will find in this guide. Covering everything from workforce management software to washroom dispensers, environmentally friendly cleaning systems and recycled products, the diversity across our finalists only goes to show how wide-reaching and adaptable our industry is, especially in these uncertain and challenging times.

In this guide, you’ll find a handy breakdown of each of our many finalists, with all the information you’ll need to know about each product or service as you make up your mind on who to vote for. With so many to choose from there’s a lot of information to digest, so take your time before making your pick and visiting the voting form.


No pressure, but now we’ve picked the best that our industry has to offer, it’s down to you to determine who will be crowned champion this year. Voting is now open, and you have until Friday 13 March 2020 to make your choice and pick your winner. Whether it’s a product that you use every day, or one that you think is truly innovative and game- changing, it’s up to you to make your choice and tell us who you believe deserves the top spot when the results are announced in late March.

Last year the top spot was deservedly won by Jangro’s Learning Management Solution (LMS), an innovative and flexible system that provides customers with efficient and effective remote training system. Second place went to the excellent Robo 3, the fully autonomous cleaning machine from ICE which offered a stunning leap in performance over the previous generation. Finally, third place went to the brilliant VP600 Battery from Nilfisk, a flexible dual-speed cordless vacuum with up to 60 minutes operation thanks to its quick-charging batteries.

It was a closely fought race right up until the final few hours last year, and anyone could come out on top in 2020.

With each iteration of the Awards, it becomes more and more challenging to narrow down our list of products, services and innovations, as the number of deserving products and services being nominated continues to grow. Make sure you take the time to vote for your winner, encourage friends and colleagues to join in and show the importance of your choice.


Voting is open to every single reader of Tomorrow’s Cleaning, and the process could not be simpler. All you have to do is visit our online poll and select your favourite entry. That’s all. There are no endless forms to fill in, no service to sign up to, and there’s a link to the voting form on every page: just pick your favourite and the job’s done. Optionally, you can also tell us why you made your choice if you like, but the voting itself is as quick and easy as you want it to be.

Just CLICK HERE or click the VOTE NOW button at the bottom of each page to vote.

CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite.

AWARDS 2020 5

Airdri Quantum by Airdri B112 Neutra-Soft by Prochem CleanAssist by Vikan Commercial Cleaning by Busy Bees 2000 CT5 by IPC Worldwide Duplex 420 Steam by Duplex Cleaning Envirodri GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning System by Cleantec Innovation Enviro Soluble Sachets by Jangro EvoClean by Hydro Systems Europe Evogen Professional by Genesis Biosciences Ezitracker Remote Workforce Management by Ezitracker FreshCheck by Christeyns Food Hygiene Green and Orange Maximum by Greyland Hostmanship service by Facilicom ICE AquaSmart by ICE iDose by Innuscience IQ:timecard by Unique IQ J-Cloth Biodegradable and Compostable by Chicopee Katrin Professional Master Range by Metsä Tissue LowCO2

t range by Cromwell

Polythene MACROpads by Rawlins Modulo systems by Dudley Industries Myriad range by Brightwell Dispensers North Shore range by Northwood Room Care range by Diversey SC3500 Scrubber Dryer by Nilfisk Slant6 by P-Wave SmartTask by Skillweb Smart Washroom by WhiffAway Stingray OS by Unger Storm Diamond Pads by PPC Group Superpro Battery 700 Advanced by Pacvac SUSTANE range by Berry bpi group Tork Digital Cleaning Plans by Essity Toucan Eco by Robert Scott Templa CMS by Templa VTVe by Truvox International Window Cleaning by Principle Cleaning XP range by SEBO Additional Entrants


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