DCL281FZB by Makita

The new Makita DCL281FZB brushless motor vacuum cleaner produces more power and run-time. The new stick vac provides strong performance, with run times of 50 minutes on standard setting when used with a 6.0Ah battery. Thanks to longer run times, this vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited for commercial cleaning. What’s more, Makita battery technology provides anytime charge and long-time storage.

Being battery-powered, the vacuum is not restricted by a need to connect to the mains, allowing for added portability. Having this freedom improves health and safety on site, reducing the risk of people tripping over wires. Similarly, as the vacuum has been ergonomically designed, it can be used for longer periods without causing user fatigue.

The DCL281FZB, like its contemporaries the DCL282FZ and DCL280F, constitutes a first for Makita, which hadn’t previously

produced a brushless stick vacuum. Moving to a brushless system has a number of advantages when it comes to vacuum cleaners, particularly in relation to significant improvements to both maximum airflow and maximum sealed suction.

What’s more, a brushless motor reduces friction between internal motor components, resulting in less wear so the machine will last far longer and work more efficiently.

As well as performance improvements, the new vacuum has been designed with a number of features that improve functionality. It has been fitted with an LED job light to help when cleaning areas underneath furniture or in areas with low light levels. The DCL281FZB also features three variable power settings, and a new one-touch button switch, which allows it to be turned on quickly and with minimal effort.

The new vacuum provides excellent cordless performance levels and whether you’re running your own cleaning firm, or just looking to keep things tidier on-site, the machines are a perfect solution.

Micro Clean by Bio Productions

Micro Clean is a simple-to-use biological stain and odour digester that will effectively degrade any organic soiling absorbed into carpets, upholstery fabrics and flooring material that traditional cleaners cannot remove.

It is highly effective on urine stains and odour, and is also capable of preventing odours in small bore pipes from sinks, baths, showers and from kitchen waste units in catering and food prep areas.

When activated, the micro-organisms in Micro Clean produce enzymes that quickly break down the waste. These particles of waste are more accessible for the bacteria to absorb. Each bacterium, having absorbed this food, becomes large enough to divide, becoming two identical bacteria.

This degrading process will continue for as long as there is support (food) available. When the food is depleted the bacteria will start to die off.

You can use Micro Clean to remove stains and cure odours caused by urine, dairy products, baby soiling, pet soiling, fruit juices, fats and cooking oil, wine and most soſt drinks. Staining from tea and coffee can be permanent, although this may be reduced with treatment. Always use as directed when removing black mould, body fat, urine etc from tiled area walls and floors in washrooms.

Activated with warm water and sponged or mopped onto the contaminated areas, leave to dry naturally to allow the bacteria to work fully. Micro Clean will remove the problem, rather than just simply masking the odours that return.


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