XP range by SEBO


The new XP range of upright vacuum cleaners from SEBO are light to use and offer high performance cleaning. They’re also exceptionally quiet, a feature that’s increasingly desirable in today’s commercial market.

Although there are regulations in place which limit a vacuum cleaners’ sound power level, it’s the quality of the sound that’s oſten the issue. Two vacuum cleaners with the same technical sound power level can sound very different to the human ear.

Mindful of this, SEBO sound engineers have successfully subdued the harsher frequencies to which the human ear is sensitive so that with any form of background noise, sound from the XP virtually disappears. This makes them especially suitable for daytime cleaning and for any situation where low noise levels are important.

Company Profile

Made in Germany, SEBO is the world’s leading maker of professional upright vacuum cleaners, offering both heavy duty and lightweight models. The SEBO DUO system cleans carpets, and is as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner, whilst for hard floors, the SEBO UHS polisher creates a brilliant shine, without water or chemicals.

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The XP range features a powerhead which is fully supported on three wheels, which with its powerful brush action pulling it forward, means the pushing force required to move the machine is close to zero.

Exceptionally light and easy to use as a result, the XP machines also deliver brilliant cleaning performance. A computer automatically sets the powerhead to the optimum height for the floor, so that the XP can whisk hair and fibre off the carpet with ease, where a tub vacuum would struggle to pick up. The XP also grooms the pile, so that carpets look their best too.

For above the floor cleaning, the XP comes with an integrated cleaning wand and features an easy unblocking design, quick- release brush roller and, of course, ‘A’ rated filtration.

If you’re looking for a way to clean with minimum effort, roll out the red carpet for the XP: it’s the standout choice for top results and reliability.

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