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60L Recycling Bins by Method Recycling

Method has reinvented recycling and waste for the modern workplace. Their signature 60L Recycling Bins are helping facilities around the world make a visible difference, including Foster + Partners, Qantas, The Office Group and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The bins are placed together to form flexible recycling stations, that are then positioned around your facility. They are suited for any open plan space, however in an office setting, we recommend one recycling station per 30-50 employees.

The bins benefit all groups involved in the recycling and waste system of a building. For cleaners, communal recycling stations mean fewer liners to change and Method’s patented bag retainer system holds liners in place; making them easy and hygienic to change while hiding them from sight. Alongside increased

Puresan dispenser by Unicorn Hygienics

As with all our washroom products, the Puresan is manufactured on site at our factory in Northern Ireland, allowing us to take control over rigorous quality assurance procedures as well as supplying leading products in a time-effective manner.

Our Puresan is an automatic, programmable dispenser designed to reduce bacteria and eliminate bad odours from urinals/WCs. Not only does the Puresan clean the porcelain, but it also keeps the pipes free from limescale build-ups.

The Puresan dispenses a measured dose of fluid automatically into the urinal/WC providing cleansing and deodorising properties, whilst preventing further bacteria formation. It also helps to eliminate offensive odours and to reduce stains within washrooms.

Satin Ellipse range by Kennedy Hygiene

Kennedy Hygiene Products – manufacturer of the Ellipse range of dispensers – launched the new premium line Satin Ellipse in 2018. The fully integrated Ellipse range is designed with pure and straight lines, an undulating wave shape suggesting fluidity and movement, and distinctive elliptic inserts.

The washroom plays an important role in portraying the image of a business. Every part of the experience should enrich the visitor’s positive impression. Kennedy’s new range of satin chrome dispensers are the perfect choice for luxury washrooms, with their elegant design and superior functionality. Kennedy developed the Satin Ellipse line following the success of the premium range’s Ellipse Chrome and Ellipse Designer Grey.

46 AWARDS 2020

recycling rates, this represents significant savings in time and money for any facility over a year.

Further, management can visibly assert their sustainability efforts, waste management providers receive waste that has been accurately sorted, and users are united by a common mission improving recycling at work and subsequently at home.

The bins are designed to be out in the open in modern environments. The sleek lines and bold colours look great, while matching industry standards in the area. Being out in the open, the bins divert more waste by reinforcing accountability. Method has found this is one of the key factors for success: when bins are visible, individuals are more likely to consider where their waste goes, even subconsciously.

To complete the system, Method has designed specialised accessories. The HD Connectors are engineered to seamlessly lock the bins back-to-back, in a line, or to a wall. This means the bins stay in place, and time isn’t wasted moving them back.

One of the main USPs of this dispenser is that unlike any other product on the washroom hygiene market, the Puresan can be installed below the cistern. This means that regardless of where the cistern is placed, the Puresan is able to cleanse and deodorise the urinal/WC to create a fresh washroom environment.

Designed to complement our Microair and Puress air fresheners, the Puresan comes with a choice of multiple non-hazardous fragrances consistent across the whole washroom range, providing a complete and coordinated solution whilst creating the perfect ambiance.

As part of our eco-friendly mission, we offer a range of enzyme- based ‘Bio’ refills. The Puresan is available in ABS White, Black and Chrome.

Robust, timeless and luxurious, the Satin Ellipse range consists of hand washing – Savona liquid and foam soap dispensers; paper and cotton hand drying – Prima and Integra; toilet tissue – Jumbo and Maxima; air freshening – Airplus and Spa; sanitising – Seatsan; and feminine hygiene – Intima and Intima Mini units.

The new range covers all hygiene environments including business, healthcare and hospitality facilities, enabling business owners to offer their clients great experience. The dispensers are designed with the service specialist in mind, and are prized for high quality, elegance, ease of service and ultimate hygiene.

The satin chrome gives the dispensers a stainless steel appearance and elegance. The durable lacquer finish eliminates visible fingerprints during use, resulting in simplified cleaning and maintenance, combined with modern product design. The Satin dispensers are made with environmentally friendly consumables for luxury washrooms.

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