by diff erence. I think the resulting S number would be much more reasonable. (At least it was when I did my MS work nearly 40 years ago. T ey accepted it for my thesis work.) I know how to do that on Oxford equipment today, and I had done that on Noran equipment for my masters. I don't know how the others would set that up. Warren Straszheim Tue Mar 27

The Great Lego Microscope Competition Two years ago, Tina Carvalho put on the list server “How do I make my smart phone into a microscope?” She got lots of replies. I have been collecting quite a lot of them. My favorites will be at the Outreach Booth at M&M in Baltimore in August. Some work better than others, and a lot of the results depend on how good your smart phone camera is. I still use the Echo Wooden Microscope with my smart phone when I take a plankton tow. I wondered how diffi cult it would be to make a Lego version. I borrowed some Legos from my son and made one. However, the permutations of what is possible with Legos seemed extensive, so I am putting forward “T e Great Lego Microscope Competition.” Place: M&M Meeting, Baltimore 2018, Outreach Booth. Lenses: T e designer has to take care of this. Simple lenses work fi ne for this project. Technical Legos can be used. Prizes: Yes. I will have the version I made, and I hope I have given you enough time to put something together to bring to the meeting. I will bring some Legos to one of the stations in “Microscopic Explorations” (used to be Family Aff air) on the Wednesday aſt ernoon to make a Lego Microscope. While I am on the subject of Microscopic Explorations, which is for delegates, their families, and friends, this year we should have “How to put together a Foldscope, and activities to use with the Foldscope including a couple of solve the mysteries.” All attendees should take away their own put-together Foldscope and be comfortable using it. Elaine C. Humphrey T u Mar 29

A Lego microscope would be cool. In 2017 there was a push for the Lego factory to make Lego transmission electron and scanning electron microscopes (not working of course). People could vote for it. Here is the web page: 4574-4870-95a0-8698211d3fdf . I’m not sure what happened to the idea—haven't seen any in the stores—but it would be neat to have in the lab. Lita Duraine Fri Mar 30 I challenged my son to make some Lego scopes about 20 years ago. Here are the results: . Except for more appropriate stickers on the parts, I think they came out pretty well. Sadly, they oſt en get more attention from visitors in the lab than the actual equipment does... Jim Ehrman Wed Apr 4 Here are the instructions to build a Lego highbase Titan T emis we made for the launch of our microscope: default/fi les/Titan%20T emis%20Instructions.pdf . For those who are interested, here are the two microscopes being built: x6ArO0-CNu4 . T e launch video of the microscope: PADirETav5k . To fi nd those more diffi cult to source Lego pieces, I found to be very useful. Andy Stewart T u Apr 5 T u Apr 5 I do need to point out that this competition is about making your smart phone into a microscope and needs to be a working model. T at being said, what a fun way to look at the instruments in your lab. T ank you for sharing, James, and thank you, Lita. Roseann Csencsits sent me this link:

681b7787f c6 . I hope to see lots of wonderful models in Baltimore in August. Elaine C. Humphrey T u Apr 5

NCI Request for Information on Development of

an Imaging Data Commons As part of its eff orts to increase access to cancer data and data analysis tools, the National Cancer Institute is establishing a Cancer


Research Data Commons (CRDC). Imaging is a crucial area for analysis and discovery in cancer, so part of this eff ort is the development of an Imaging Data Commons (IDC). Given the breadth of the data and tools in cancer imaging, we are seeking input from the research community to ask their thoughts on the data, tools, and features they feel are important to include in such a data commons. To engage potential contributors, a Request for Information (RFI) was released to solicit this input. I’ve included below the text of a fl yer we’re distributing to announce the RFI, including the URL to the RFI and the email for questions/responses. You can also contact me directly with any questions. If you are aware of similar existing eff orts, please feel free to reference those in a response. If you have any questions regarding the RFI, you may send them to either the address or (they’re both me). T ank you in advance for any input. Best regards, Steve Jett T e NCI is inviting comments and suggestions on the development of the NCI Imaging Data Commons (IDC), a node of the Cancer Research Data Commons. T e IDC will provide: · access to image repositories · analysis tools · scalable computing resource · a cloud- based, collaborative environment. To best serve the needs of the cancer imaging community, we are seeking input from potential users of the IDC to determine the best features to include in an IDC prototype. All stakeholders involved in cancer imaging are invited to respond to this Request. More details about the RFI and how to respond can be found at les/NOT-CA-18-060.

html T e deadline for submission is May 4, 2018. For any questions about this request, please contact Stephen D. Jett, Ph.D. stephen. Sat Apr 14 Editor’s Note: T e date has passed, but this is potentially very important, and we are publishing this note to increase reader awareness of the project.




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