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High-Performance Cell Diagnostics with Jenoptik’s Miniaturized Imaging Platform

Jenoptik’s new solution SYIONS, a miniaturized modular diagnostic imaging platform, allows users to quickly and effi ciently generate all types of image data from in vitro

diagnostics devices.

SYIONS enables the quick and cost-eff ective implementation of applications in the areas of live cell imaging, fl ow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics. T e modular system solution combines proven Jenoptik modules with Jenoptik’s own modular soſt ware. Work processes can be performed consistently and effi ciently across various operating systems.

JENOPTIK | Healthcare & Industry

State-of-the-Art Facility Features the First Imaging System of its Kind in Saudi Arabia

T e King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Leica Microsystems inaugu- rated a new Center of Excellence (CoE) for Optical Microscopy on the University’s campus. With the new center, KAUST and Leica

Microsystems embark on a long-term partnership in cutting- edge life science research with the objective of encouraging new scientifi c discoveries.

Leica Microsystems GmbH

Easily Pseudo Colorize SEM and TEM Images

Now you can easily colorize your SEM and TEM images with LucisPro, a Photoshop plug-in for Windows or standalone app for MacOS X. You get an infinite variation of colors for snappy-looking publications, and you can adjust the sliders for more dramatic or even artistic versions. The Windows plug-in has been completely rewritten for 64-bit Win 7, 8.1, and 10. The Mac standalone is also 64-bit and works up to High Sierra.


JENOPTIK Announces New International Representation on the Executive Management Board

With more internationalization as a focus in the 2022 vision, Jenoptik brings more global diversity to the EMB with the appointment of three new members effective immediately: Albert Miranda, President Jenoptik North America, based in Jupiter, FL; Kevin Chevis, Head of the Traffic Solutions division and Director of the division’s subsidiary in Frimley and UK; and Jonathan Qu as President Jenoptik Asia, headquartered in Shanghai, China

JENOPTIK North America, Inc.

2018 July •

Grand Opening of UC Irvine Materials Research Institute Spotlights JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions

Renowned materials scientists attending the 1st International Symposium on Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy will join Dr. Xiaoqing Pan for the grand opening of the JEOL Center for Nanoscale Solutions and a three-day symposium June 6–8, 2018. IMRI is home to several high-performance TEMs. It is the first U.S. installation of the JEOL GRAND ARM transmission electron microscope

developed for advanced atomic-resolution characterization.


Bruker Acquires nanoIR Company Anasys Instruments

Infrared Spectroscopy Technology adds to Bruker’s NanoScale measurement portfolio. Bruker announced that it has acquired Anasys Instruments Corp., a privately held company that develops and manufactures nanoscale infrared spectroscopy and thermal measurement instruments. This acquisition adds to Bruker’s portfolio of Raman and FTIR spectrometers, as well as to its nanoscale surface science instruments, such as atomic force microscopy and white-light interferometric 3D microscopy.

Bruker Corporatio and About Anasys Instruments Corp.

Meiji Techno Celebrates More Than 50 Years of Providing Quality Microscopes to Schools, Laboratories, and Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

For over 50 years Meiji Techno has been providing quality microscopes to schools, labs, and industrial manufacturing facilities. T e company backs their products with a limited lifetime warranty and top-notch customer service. Support through education is most important to all at Meiji Techno. Meiji Techno products are designed to deliver many years of trouble- free use even in harsh industrial environments.

Meiji Techno America

Ashik Patel Appointed Sales Director Americas of Allied Vision

Allied Vision Technologies Inc. has appointed Ashik Patel as its new Sales Director Americas based in the company’s U.S. Sales Office in Exton, PA. As the head of the North and South American sales team, Patel will manage the sales activities in the Americas. Ashik Patel has a successful track record in engineering and sales in various industries such as automation and metrology, including management positions.

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH


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