Product News

ZEISS Introduces its New Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope ZEISS GeminiSEM 450

The GeminiSEM 450 delivers high-resolution and an optical system that obtains the best analytical results, especially at low voltages. High-throughput EBSD analysis and low- voltage EDS deliver excellent results due to

ZEISS Gemini 450’s ability to precisely and independently control spot size and beam current. With the new design, it is possible to always work under optimized conditions, as the user can switch between imaging and analytical modes at the touch of a button.

Carl Zeiss AG

EVO Cam Ll, the Next Generation of Digital Microscopes

Vision Engineering announced the EVO Cam ll, with major enhance- ments including the system’s ability to off er up to 300× optical magnifi cation, 12× digital zoom, customizable overlays to aid inspection, and up to 10 pre-set settings for reduced set-up time. A newly designed user interface allows for ease of

use and more control over the camera settings. T e EVO Cam ll comes equipped with dimensioning capabilities using a grid overlay in the x and y axis.

Vision Engineering Inc

Thermo Scientifi c Explorer 4 Additive Scanning Electron Microscope Delivers First Dedicated Solution for 3D Printing Process Control

Manufacturers using additive manufacturing processes can now use the high-resolution imaging and elemental analysis capabilities of scanning electron microscopy to characterize powders that are the raw materials for many of their processes. T e new T ermo Scientifi c Explorer 4 Additive is the fi rst commercially released SEM specifi cally designed to measure particle size, shape, and composition in AM metal powders, and to inspect fi nished parts to assure quality.

ThermoFisher Scientifi c

Olympus Introduces IXplore Inverted Imaging Platform

To meet the needs of specifi c research applications and to deliver additional savings to the customer, Olympus introduced the IXplore inverted imaging platform. T ese microscopy solutions provide a signifi cant price advantage over standard discounts and are designed by application to fast-track research

and results. T e IXplore Standard off ers high-quality fl uorescence imaging. T e IXplore Pro Fully provides automated multidimensional observation. T e IXplore Live off ers environmental control leading to optimal conditions for precise live cell imaging.

Olympus Corporation

52 JEOL Announces New Monochromated ARM200F

JEOL introduced the latest technology for cutting-edge research in development of new materials. T e JEOL Monochromated ARM200F off ers ultrahigh energy resolution EELS analysis of materials at the atomic scale, made possible by the development of a unique Spot-in-Spot-out double Wein fi lter monochromator. T e double Wein fi lter maintains spot size of the beam and the lattice resolution in STEM by producing an achromatic and stigmatic focus at the exit plane,

resulting in a round probe on the specimen plane.


alpha300 R i – New Inverted Confocal Raman Microscope

WITec has launched the alpha300 R i inverted Raman microscope. It combines the advantages of data acquisition from below with the established merits of

3D confocal Raman imaging, a powerful and versatile technique that can chemically characterize samples

nondestructively and without labeling or other specialized preparation. T e speed, sensitivity, and resolution of the WITec alpha300 series are now available from a new angle. Research applications in the fi elds of life sciences will benefi t from the new setup.

WITec GmbH

ZEISS Expands X-Ray Imaging Portfolio with ZEISS Xradia Context microCT

T e ZEISS Xradia Context microCT is a large fi eld-of-view, non-destructive 3D X-ray microcomputed tomography system. Further, the instrument is a tomographic imaging solution for a variety of 3D characterization and inspection needs, from research applica- tions in materials and life sciences to industrial

use in product development or natural resource exploration. Users easily adjust the system to image large intact samples to reveal interior details in their full 3D context.

Carl Zeiss AG

New JEOL Tungsten SEM Features Zeromag and Live Analysis Functions

JEOL’s new IT200 series of scanning electron microscopes are compact, versatile SEMs that deliver high-resolution imaging with unsurpassed low-kV performance and powerful soſt ware functionality, including “Zeromag” seamless transition from optical to SEM image, automated image montaging, report generation, and integrated image and analysis data

management. T e analytical models include JEOL’s fully embedded EDS system, which provides “Live Analysis” real-time EDS spectra during image observation.


doi: 10.1017/S1551929518000585 • 2018 July

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