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10× Faster Lifetime Contrast Facilitates Access to New Discoveries

Leica Microsystems announces the SP8 FALCON, the world’s first truly integrated lifetime contrast microscope. This lifetime information lets researchers monitor interactions between proteins in living cells as well as providing extra contrast to clearly separate a multitude of fluoro-

phores. For the first time fundamental players in cancer research, metabolomics, and cell signaling can be tracked, as fast as the speed of life.

Leica Microsystems GmbH scopes-details-product-falcon-/3lfbtw/209957846

Verios G4 Extreme High-Resolution SEM

T e T ermo Scientifi c Verios G4 extreme high-resolution (XHR) scanning electron microscope delivers the capability and fl exibility needed to determine root cause defects, yield losses, and process and product failures. T e Verios G4 is an SEM-only solution derived from our widely successful Helios family of DualBeam (focused ion beam/SEM) instru- ments. It off ers industry-leading performance across a wide range of conditions, especially at the low voltages required for beam-sensitive materials used in advanced processes.

Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc. www.thermofi

New Basler MED ace Camera Series for Medical and Life Sciences

Camera manufacturer Basler brings to market its fi rst camera series specifi cally designed for medical and life sciences. T e Basler MED ace series off ers powerful CMOS sensor technology with up to 164 fps and 20 MP. Unique MED feature sets address the market’s imaging challenges. Basler’s new DIN EN ISO

13485:2016 certifi cation off ers customers several benefi ts through an eff ective quality management system with clearly defi ned standards.

Basler AG www.

MICROTEC Provides a Full Range of Affordable, High-Quality Light Microscopes

The MICROTEC range of microscopes and accessories is a relatively new name to the British market. Based on high manufacturing quality, excellent imaging capability, and reliability, the company has rapidly become one of the leading UK suppliers of light microscopes and accessories. The

MICROTEC range now covers a wide variety of the needs in the life sciences and material sciences and provides excellent performance at economical prices.

TEC Microscopes LTD

2018 July •

Navitar, Inc.

Bruker Introduces Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profi ler

focus variation technology. T™ is technique uses optimized focusing with advanced algorithms to

construct 3D surface maps at speeds impossible to achieve with other methods. T e Contour LS - K uniquely enables both easy-to-acquire, high-resolution images and reliable metrology data. T e system rapidly captures surface data with market-leading fi eld of view at vertical scanning speeds up to 5 millimeters per second.

Bruker Nano Surfaces

Introducing a New Accessible and Agile Digital Era in Agriculture

TAGARNO off ers a new perspective on seed and grain analysis with a wide range of profi table benefi ts to the user, provided by user-friendly digital solutions such as its new digital microscope TREND. T e magnifi cation capabilities, updatable interface, and the fact that the images can be easily saved and shared make the digital

microscope a very attractive solution for a wide range of agriculture industries.


ANPx312 – New Positioner Optimized for Ultra-High Stability Applications

Many cryogenic experiments are becoming increasingly complex. Frequently, multiple- axes nanopositioning systems are used in these setups. T e increased weight, however, leads to lower resonance frequencies

of the configuration and hence increased sensitivity to external vibrations. The new, ultra-stable ANPx312 piezo stage offers enhanced stiffness of up to 300% compared to similar cryogenic positioners, leading to an unmatched resonance frequency of 4 kHz, and it is compatible with other positioners offering up to 6 movement axes.

attocube systems AG


Bruker announced the release of its new Contour LS-K 3D optical profi ler with LightSpeed

Navitar Offers Well Matched, Seamlessly Integrated Imaging Systems

Navitar, Inc. announced the launch of a lens and camera coupling program off ering customers a seamlessly integrated imaging system with uncompromised image quality. Navitar has taken their fl agship high-resolution imaging lenses, the Resolv4K, 12X Zoom, and Zoom 6000, and matched them with their Pixelink CMOS industrial cameras, creating a fully integrated, optimized imaging solution. Systems can be built as motorized or fi xed confi gurations with multiple sensor formats to choose from.

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